The Sunday Salon Birthday and Halloween Wrap Up

I feel a bit behind right now, because this is the first time I’ve opened my computer in over 36 hours. Friday coxwas my birthday and my husband and I were heading downtown for dinner at Trader Vic’s (hooray for gift certificates, by the way). Daniel was with my inlaws and we figured he would just stay overnight because we would be out late. Well, imagine my surprise when we got downtown and the place we were parking was the Hyatt right on the river! We had a delicious dinner, came back to the hotel for more drinks, then slept the sleep of those without a baby in the next room liable to wake up at any minute. We got to sleep in, and then wander around the Mag Mile and State Street and it was very lovely. We had brunch at a restaurant called EATT which I chose primarily because their exterior advertised that they had Sandwiches * Coffee * Bread * Circuses, which gave me the history nerd giggles. All in all, an awesome birthday.

Really, that was just a great end to a great week. Last weekend my parents were in town, so we got to have a bunch of family around Daniel for his first real Halloween. Last year we dressed him up and stuck him in a pumpkin, but this was his first attempt at Trick or Treating. He got the concept and told people ‘boo,’ but was too shy to actually take the candy. He was a really, really cute mouse though (technically, he was the mouse from “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”):

This was a pretty good reading week too, especially because I spent a couple of days gushing over “A Friend Of The Family,” for which I’ll have both a review and a guest post this coming week. Here’s what I read:

You’ll see most of those again this coming week in reviews. Speaking of reviews, here’s what I posted this past week (covers link to posts):

I also did an Oh, D.E.A.R. post about the Maud Hart Lovelace books and launched my new feature Saturday Story Spotlight by talking about one of Daniel’s favorite books: “Baby Nose to Baby Toes.”

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