Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs – Saturday Story Spotlight

Welcome to Saturday Story Spotlight, my new feature where I discuss books my husband and I are reading with our son, Daniel. These are books that he, we, or all of us particularly enjoy, since we are definitely reading more than one book a week!

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs by Sandra Boynton
Published by Workman Publishing

“Dinosaurs happy,
dinosaurs sad.
Dinosaurs good,
and dinosaurs bad.”

Ah yes, another of Daniel’s books that I can recite virtually all of without even glancing at the page (a very helpful skill, that, when he is being a squirmy wormy).

“Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs” is and has long been our favorite Sandra Boynton book, and we do love Sandra Boynton. The dinosaurs in this book are hilarious and endearing, and appear in pairs of opposites. Like so many of Boynton’s books, this one has a great rhythm, and really lends itself to fun vocal expression.

Now, at 17 months and after reading this book since we received it at his first birthday, I must say that Daniel is starting to get the slightest bit tired of the book and doesn’t ask for it or automatically bring it to me as he used to do, but nearly five months worth of daily readings says to me that this book holds up pretty well. Honestly, even my husband and I didn’t get tired of reading it so often, because it is such a fun book.

I highly recommend “Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs.”

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