The Thousand by Kevin Guilfoile – Bookstore Review

The Thousand by Kevin Guilfoile
Published by Knopf, an imprint of Random House

I am generally not a huge consumer of mysteries and thrillers, although I do enjoy them from time to time (especially in audio). One of the things I have discovered in putting together my Chicago Author Month, however, is that there are a Whole Lot of Chicago authors who write mysteries and thrillers. I probably could have done the entire month in those genres without ever reading more than one book by any given author. Because I’m not a huge reader of thrillers, I’m not much of a pioneer in the field, choosing instead to read what other trusted readers have already vetted for me. Books like “The Thousand” by Kevin Guilfoile which Margie, also not someone who reads many thrillers, is absolutely raving about:

Chicago Author Month: Kevin Guilfoile’s The Thousand

Kevin Guilfoile’s website

Other Books by Kevin Guilfoile:
“Cast of Shadows”

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