Sunday Spotlight on: My Maasai Life by Robin Wiszowaty

My Maasai Life by Robin Wiszowaty
Published by Me To We Books and Greystone Books

After I had already largely set my schedule for Chicago Author Month I was approached by Robin Wiszowaty’s publicist and offered a copy of “My Maasai Life” in which Robin, a woman who grew up in the Chicago suburb adjacent to the one in which I live now left Schaumburg – a city famous in Chicagoland for the wonderful Woodfield Mall and, to me at least, for its overwhelmingly cool library – in order to move to Kenya to live in a cow dung with a Maasai family. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to squeeze “My Maasai Life” into my already packed Chicago Author Month schedule, but I also knew that I really wanted to get a chance to look at and read it.

Robin Wiszowaty was never really satisfied living in her comfortable suburb, and was always wishing to see the world beyond Schaumburg. I can completely relate. I grew up in the suburbs of Orange County in Southern California, and by the middle of high school I was desperate to get out of what some of my friends called ‘the orange curtain.’ Not that Orange County was some sort of oppressive regime, but with all the materialism and upper-middle class attitude everywhere, it occasionally felt that way. That is actually how I ended up in Chicago, because I did Teach for America and taught 2nd grade on the South Side for 2 years. Although more extreme than what I did, I can totally understand how one might end up in a hut in Kenya.

I’m really very excited to read “My Maasai Life,” I’m hoping it will be somewhat similar to “Monique and the Mango Rains” by Kris Holloway, but what ever it is, I am looking forward to it.

I received a copy of this book for review consideration

3 comments to Sunday Spotlight on: My Maasai Life by Robin Wiszowaty

  • I know exactly how that feels too. I grew up on a farm, in a community where EVERYBODY knows your business. As a young person, this was oppressive. (Now I’d move back in a heartbeat!) But Kenya? That is incredible. This sounds like a wonderful story. I’ll wait to see if it passes the Jen Test!

  • i’ve lived in new jersey all my life but have traveled to almost every state in the us and several countries. i constantly dream of relocating and can fully appreciate robin’s desire to do something different. kenya might be a bit further afield than i could manage, but i give her credit for doing instead of just dreaming. this novel sounds amazing and i look forward to your review.

  • I can understand wanting to leave Schaumburg but for Kenya, wow, that’s too much adventure for me. When I think of wanting to see the world my thoughts turn more to a villa in Tuscany.

    I’ll be looking forward to the review.