TSS: BBAW Approaches!

BBAW starts tomorrow, are you excited? I am! I’ll be participating in a few of the daily topics, and of course visiting other blogs as much as possible.

So, I only had one day last week that I actually went into work, and I really thought I would get a lot of reading done. Unfortunately, not so much. I have little recollection of last Tuesday, other than the AWESOME book club we had right here for “The Live You’ve Imagined” by Kristina Riggle, but Tuesday night I only got 3 hours of sleep, then I worked Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were both great days – Daniel and I got to meet Sandy from You’ve Gotta Read This on Thursday and check out The Book Cellar, then on Friday we got to head down to The Bookstore for a bit before heading to hubby’s school to take Daniel to Calculus.

Events seemed to conspire to keep me from reading very much, but I did end up having a decent week, just not as great as I had hoped. Still, I managed to finish and review:

And also finished:

Which I will review next week and two audios:

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