Never Let Me Go Movie and Giveaway

Nearly a year ago I decided to try my first book by Kazuo Ishiguro and got the audiobook of “Never Let Me Go” from the library. Even though I evidently never actually blogged about it, you should all know that I really, really adored it. I was very excited to hear that it is being made into a movie, one which is actually going into wide release this weekend! ¬†Hopefully I can find some time when my husband and I are both free and there is family who can babysit Daniel that actually coincides with a showing so I can go see this ASAP, but if not you’d better believe I’ll be first in line when it comes out on video.

In honor of the release of the movie, Kazuo Ishiguro is letting readers and viewers ask him questions and vlogging his answers. In addition, 42 West Digital Marketing is sponsoring a giveaway to promote both the book and the movie right here on Devourer of Books. You can win a copy of the book, a signed poster, and a “Never Let Me Go” shirt. ¬†Open to residents of the US & Canada, just fill out the form below by 11:59 pm Central on Tuesday, September 28.

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