What He’s Poised to Do by Ben Greenman – Book Review

What He’s Poised to Do by Ben Greenman
Published by Harper Perennial, an imprint of Harper Collins

“What He’s Poised to Do” is a lovely, intriguing collection of short stories by Ben Greenman. What makes this collection unique is how many of the stories were set up as stories or monologues for one of the characters to ask questions of or explain actions to an often-unseen other. The collection was very well-edited, placing the stories in such an order that the more epistolary stories didn’t all stack up on one another and begin to seem redundant.

There is a very clever blog that has been set up to help promote “What He’s Poised to Do” called ‘Letters With Character,’ based, obviously, on the epistolary nature of many of Greenman’s stories. ‘Letters With Character’ allows real people to write letters to fictional characters. The most recent letter is written to the Quiet Old Lady Whispering Hush from “Goodnight Moon” and definitely made me laugh when it showed up in my feed reader.

Take a look at ‘Letters With Character,’ maybe submit a letter, and then pick up “What He’s Poised to Do” to see how Greenman uses letters in this collection.

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