TSS: Ahh, Relaxation.

Yay! A weekend at home!

The last two weekends we’ve been out of town, first in Indianapolis, then in Cincinnati. Although it was fun, I’m quite relieved to actually be at home this weekend (and NOT have a 4-6 hour car drive with a one year old). We’ve been mostly taking it easy this weekend, yesterday I had a massage and took advantage of Illinois’ first ever(?) tax free week.

Today is going to be relaxing too (as relaxing as things get with a young toddler). We’re headed down to the lake for some fun in the sun. We’ll be there with all four of Daniel’s grandparents, plus his uncle, so there may just be enough people to watch him that I’ll be able to get a little reading in.

I really needed this relaxation, because this has been a busy week here!

Last Sunday I announced my feature for the month of October: My Kind of Book, a Celebration of Chicago Authors.

Then, of course, I spent this week featuring titles from one of my favorite imprints, Harper Perennial. Not only did I review five relatively recent Harper Perennial books (and give a teaser for an upcoming book), but I also announced a big giveaway of some of my favorite Harper Perennial books. Here are the books I reviewed, in case you missed any. Covers link to the review:

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