TSS: Short and Sweet

I’m just popping in briefly today to say ‘hi’! This has been a busy week. The days I wasn’t working we had a playdate with another toddler right about Daniel’s age which was a good trek to get to, and a trip to the zoo with Daniel’s grandmothers and one of his aunts. Then yesterday we had a family reunion for hubby’s extended family. Between all that, Season 4 of LOST, and having to get a decent amount of sleep and exercise since I’m currently doing the Game On diet, it isn’t surprising I didn’t get much done. Today will be filled with cleaning, errands, and reading!

Here’s what I finished reading last week in print:

And in audio:

And here’s what I reviewed:

Both “Linger” and “Red Hook Road” have giveaways attached as well. As both of them were fantastic, I’d recommend entering said giveaways!

I also announced that I will be hosting an online bookclub for fabulous author Kristina Riggle’s latest book, “The Life You’ve Imagined” on September 7th and 8th. I don’t have any more copies to give away, but I’d highly encourage you to pick up a copy of the book when it is released on August 17th (or pre-order it! That does really great things for a book’s ranking) and join us. There will be great discussion, and Kristina herself may just be stopping by!

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