TSS: My Reading Time is LOST

Well, I finally have my husband back after a couple of  weeks of him traveling. It is nice to have someone to help me double-team Daniel again, because he is an ACTIVE kid. This past week I was often too tired to do too much reading, and was trying to read 3 books at once, so I didn’t actually finish much. And now that my dear husband is home, we’ve jumped back in to season 3 of LOST, so I’m just trying to pick up reading time here and there, wherever I can get it.

Here’s what I actually managed to finish last week. It isn’t as impressive as it looks, since the first two are both audiobooks, one of which I barely had any time left on when the week started.

And here’s what happened on the blog this week:

I told you which of the unsolicited books and books I’ve won I would get to right away if I could Drop Everything and Read and introduced a giveaway for the fascinating-sounding book “Innocent Until Interrogated” by Gary L. Stuart, which was one of my most anticipated books from BEA.

I also reviewed four books this week:

Sort of an eclectic mix of reviews this week, really!

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11 comments to TSS: My Reading Time is LOST

  • I’m glad your husband is back home, I dislike it so much when my boyfriend’s away from home.

  • Curious what you thought of the Jennifer Egan book. My wife read The Invisible Circus (title? w/ or w/out the “the”? I don’t remember and am too lazy to look it up right now) and really enjoyed it.

  • Once those little ones start motoring around, it is a full time job chasing them and keeping them from hurting themselves! I am starting to get way behind on my reading and it is making me nervous. I can really tell when I can’t get enough time with my audio books.

  • It is hard to parent an active toddler alone. I have great admiration for single parents after doing it a few times myself. I’m sure you’re happy to have your hubby home.

  • Don’t you wonder how single parents ever get anything done? I loved my kids when they were little but finding time to sit down and read was almost non-existent for a few years–especially if The Big Guy was traveling.

  • I’m glad you’ve got your “team mate” back.   Yep, kids take up a lot of your time.  I didn’t get to read and blog like I wanted to because I watched my nephew all last week.  He’s 5 goin’ on 42!  Active and a constant talker.   You still accomplished quite a bit, Jen.   Maybe when Daniel gets a little older you can record “audiobooks” in Mommy’s or Daddy’s voice.  That would be a cute introduction to the medium for him.  Have a great week.

  • Ecletic or not you have done a fair amount so thats the main thing!

  • You’ve been reading quite the assortment and that’s very cool. It’s fun to mix genres up and then everything feels new and exciting! 😀

  • diana

    my first 2 kids were 15 months apart…..after the 2nd was born i literally read NOTHING for a year….sleep, what little i could get, was way more important!

  • Mark

    I love your blog! I just have to remember to stop over more often. I also love your contests. I will be starting “A Visit With The Goon Squad” very soon!