The Icing on the Cupcake by Jennifer Ross – Book Review

The Icing on the Cupcake by Jennifer Ross

Ansley Waller is the perfect – but mean – Dallas sorority girl, kind of like a bitchy version of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Then her fiance, Parish, dumps her. He has finally seen her mean streak and he doesn’t like it. Now Ansley’s world has collapsed. She’s going to graduate without a man and, horror of horrors, have to get a job. She’ll never live this down in rich Dallas society. After a good deal of moping with her mother who is allegedly her best friend, she decides to get away from the people in Dallas who know her humiliation. To achieve this, she’s moving to New York to live with her rich grandmother who she’s never met because Ansley’s mother and grandmother are estranged.

Wow, “The Icing on the Cupcake” has one of the least likeable protagonists of any book I’ve read in recent memory. Ansley was a whiny, bitchy spoiled brat. Beyond that, the plot was fun, but far fetched and much too easy. Ansley wants to open a cupcake shop? Sure! She’s got her huge trust fund from her father that was supposed to help fund her first year of marriage. Easy peasey! There also seemed to be a gigantic plot hole around Ansley’s mother. The two of them are supposedly best friends who need to talk on the phone multiple times per day, but weeks and weeks seem to pass without them ever speaking with one another. Also, Ansley, if your feet hurt walking around New York in your impossibly high heels, maybe you should consider buying some damn new shoes.

Even with all of this, the inventive and delicious-sounding cupcake recipes almost made it worth it to want to slap Ansley for 2/3 of the book. Yum. I’d buy cupcakes from Ansley, even if I would never want to have any other interaction with her.

If you aren’t bothered by spoiled rotten protagonists, this book could definitely be fun (plot hole around the mother aside), but it won’t be good for a relaxing day around the pool if Ansley’s ridiculousness annoys you enough to cause your blood pressure to shoot up.

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17 comments to The Icing on the Cupcake by Jennifer Ross – Book Review

  • Lyn

    Thanks for that review. Looks like I’ll give this book a pass. Busy morning, but I’ll check back often. I write reviews, too, but not as fast or as many as you do. You go, girl!–Lyn

  • A protagonist like that would get on my nerves too much for me to enjoy this book. Sad, because I do like cupcakes.

  • Ansley sounds like a piece of work! I think she would aggravate me too much.

  • Well, I’m glad it was cute despite all that! I have this to read sometime too. I may like it just for the New York-ness of it.

  • Sounds like the perfect piece of fluff when you want to read something that doesn’t require you to think. Sometimes we need those books.

    • I agree we need those books sometimes, but Ansley annoyed me so much it didn’t quite work like that for me. Would be better as a distraction from actual important things in your life, maybe, some place to channel annoyance.

  • Yes books like this makes me feel alive, in that I am filled with adrenaline and end up taking it out on someone I love! I don’t know. I love cupcakes but characters like Ansley make me so mad I become uncomfortable. Love your attitude though! That’s right – buy some new damn shoes!

  • Shoot. I’m not big on protagonists I want to shake and say “snap out of it” to. But the cupcake theme … oh my.

  • Ansley and Parish? Really??

    I lived in Dallas for a while and even I couldn’t stomach those names.

  • I can only presume that the premise was that Ansley was supposed to grow as a person from her “hardship” but if she was still so annoying 2/3 of the way through the book, it seems like there would be no way to get her to tolerable by the end of the book realistically. Think I’ll pass.

    • She did end up growing eventually, but I wanted to smack her for far too long, and then the growth didn’t seem gradual enough (which is often a problem with this sort of thing I think).

  • Crapola! The cupcake part sounds so promising, but I’d want to hurl the “protagonist.”

  • I have trouble with mean girls as the central character too – it made Before I Fall a not-so-great read for me. I am happier reading about serial killers than snobby popular girls – perhaps therapy is called for.

  • Ansley reminds me of a character I despise…Violet from This One is Mine…I don’t know if my blood pressure could survive another despicable character!! 😀

  • kay

    Well, I think I’ll pass this one : I’m not a fan of whiny main characters! Those can be fun if there is some kind of redemption, but 2/3 of the book wanting to slap her, is way too much!