TSS: Gearing Up for Audiobook Week!

Okay, so are you all getting excited about audiobook week starting tomorrow? I know I am! This is going to be a fantastic week, and I hope lots and lots of you are going to participate.

If for some reason you haven’t heard about Audiobook Week yet, here’s the primer on it:

Every day I will be giving away at LEAST 3 audiobooks, one each to someone who posted a review and linked on my Mr. Linky, someone who posted a daily discussion topic and linked on my Mr. Linky, and someone who commented on my blog. You can also be on the lookout for quick Twitter giveaways with the hashtag #JIAM.

Speaking of audiobooks, here are the ones I finished last week:

And the print books I finished last week:

I also reviewed three books last week:

And also posted about a great author event at The Bookstore and my day as an indie bookstore.

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7 comments to TSS: Gearing Up for Audiobook Week!

  • Hey, I am ready! This is a week made for me.

  • Yay!!!! Let’s celebrate listening!

  • I am excited about audio book week! I have 3 reviews ready to go. I bet So Cold the River is great in audio format.

  • Sorry Jen, but I don’t really listen to audio books so I don’t think I’ll be participating much. Good luck and have fun with it, though!

  • I don’t really listen to audiobooks, either. :/ Sounds like the week will be a blast, though!

  • So excited! I got three of the theme posts written up last night, pre-scheduled two audiobook reviews and one interview with an audiobook reader.

    Currently am listening to two audiobooks, alternating between discs: Map of True Places by Brunonia Barry and On Beauty by Zadie Smith

  • Carissa Winter

    This is great! I have been listing to audio books on my commute to work. I have at least 1 hr driving each way. I have found listening to the books has relaxed me during my drive. If more people listened to audio books during rush hour, maybe there would be less accidents. :)