Still Missing by Chevy Stevens – Book Review

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

Annie O’Sullivan is a real estate agent who was just closing up at an open house when THE FREAK abducted her. He took her to a specially fortified cabin in the woods and proceeded to abuse her in a myriad of ways. Perhaps even scarier than the abduction and abuse, though, is how much he knew about her. This was clearly not a random abduction.

We know from the beginning of the book that Annie somehow escapes THE FREAK, because the entire story is basically the monologue of her recounting her ordeal to her therapist, beginning from the time she was abducted and moving more or less chronologically to what is happening in her life in the aftermath of her abduction.

I had a difficult time getting into the style of storytelling initially. For one thing, Annie’s voice bothered me a bit at the beginning of each chapter when she is directly addressing her therapist. I can’t put my finger on the exact problem, but something didn’t quite ring true for me. Then there was the fact that we clearly knew she was alive and had managed to walk away from her abduction. I was fairly certain that this setup was going to kill for me any suspense the book might have otherwise held, although I thought I would still like the book overall.

Boy was I wrong. About 50 pages into the book I decided to tell myself it was not a thriller, per se, and read it just as more general fiction. I still think that is a wise choice, but around page 100 “Still Missing” grabbed me and absolutely would not let me go. I thought I couldn’t become invested in Annie’s life as an abductee because I knew she would survive, no matter what horrendous things were done to her, but a situation arose during her captivity that left me breathless in fear and anticipation as I turned the pages, both wanting and not wanting to know what happened. Even once that situation was over, I was left incredibly invested in Annie, her ordeal, and her attempts to cope after the fact.

If you want a book that will suck you in despite a slightly slow beginning, “Still Missing” is a great choice. Recommended.

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20 comments to Still Missing by Chevy Stevens – Book Review

  • I’m about 50-60 pgs into this (wasn’t it just yesterday you posted a review for a book I’m semi-reading too? LOL) and I’ve had some mixed feelings. For me, though, knowing she’s alive makes it less scary for me… I wasn’t sure if I was going to want to keep reading because the whole situation is so sick!

  • Sounds like we’re in agreement on this one. I had a hard time with the beginning, too. But I’m on page 235 now and I was so upset that I had to stop reading to go to work.

  • Amy

    This sounds like a difficult read, but it also sounds really great. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • Sounds great. I’ll keep it in mind when I make a dent in the books I already own.

  • As long as I know there is a payoff, I will trudge through slow sections. I REALLY want to read this one, TBR be damned.

  • I am glad that it grabbed you, but I have a hard time getting through explict abuse scenes. Were they really bad in this book?

  • I have this one on the shelf, but I’ve been leery of it since Anna started talking about the narration.

  • I’m so glad this book is a great read, even in spite of the minor upsets. I have this one to read as well!

  • I really want to read this one and I am glad you and others warned us about the beginning but it does sound more than worth it to complete.

  • I love books like this – I think my husband will too.

  • Thanks for letting us know to hang in there the first 100 pages or so…I always appreciate knowing that a book is going to be worth it if I just hang in there with it.

  • Oohh sounds good. I’ve entered your giveaway. Thanks for hosting it.

  • Topher

    Great review – sounds like a good one. Glad to hear it was still gripping even though you knew she survived.

  • And THAT’s why I have a 100 page rule and not a 50 page rule for putting a book down. Some of them just really take a while to build. Glad this one didn’t disappoint–I’ve been looking forward to it.

  • Good review. Thanks for letting us know it took awhile to get into. If a book will be a difficult read, but still recommended, I want to know just so I’m aware. Having said that, this does sound like one I would like. Knowing she survives may help me read through the abuse. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Megan Partridge

    This looks like a great book, I’d love a copy!

  • Steve Capell

    I found your review to be intriguing and one that I would take pleasure in reading.
    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

  • This sounds like a great giveaway. Thanks for hosting it.

    Cindy W.


  • I don’t remember the beginning of this book being slow….but maybe that is just because I was so blown away by the ending. I really, really enjoyed this one.