Shilpi Gowda – Author Event at The Bookstore

Shilpi Gowda was kind enough to stop by The Bookstore in Glen Ellyn last Friday night for happy hour to talk about her debut book, “Secret Daughter” (my review). After reading an absolutely gut-wrenching scene from the book, Shilpi talked a bit about her experiences leading up to writing the book, her writing process, and her time volunteering in an orphanage in India. She was absolutely lovely, and it was fascinating to see how her experiences influenced the book she wrote. Another thing that was very interesting is hearing how her book is doing in the US vs. Canada (in both places it is published by HarperCollins). In the US it is doing respectably and is on a second print run, but in Canada she’s on an 8th printing and has great placement in airport bookstores and in Costco. Even Shilpi didn’t exactly have an explanation for that, but it is interesting. My Canadian friends, have you been seeing “Secret Daughter” everywhere you turn?

Left to right: Margie, Shilpi, me, Sue

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