Other Audiobook Week Discussions!

I really can’t take full credit for coming up with the list of discussion topics for Audiobook Week. I had some ideas, sure, but I turned to a few trusty blogger friends who I know also enjoy audiobooks and asked for suggestions.

Boy, did they ever come through!

Thanks to my informal consultation group, we came up with far more topics than I could ever possibly discuss in a week, so I told them that they were free to take one of the discussions if they wished to do so and host it on their own blogs. So that you can easily join in, here are the Audiobook Week discussions going on elsewhere around the blogosphere:

Do Sound Effects and Music Enhance the Audiobook Experience at She Is Too Fond of Books

National Audiobook Month: Narrators at Jen’s Book Thoughts

5 Reasons I Keep Coming Back to Audiobooks at Linus’s Blanket

Audiobook Week: Getting Started, Genres, Favorites at Beth Fish Reads

I also wanted to feature Alison from Alison’s Book Marks’ Audiobook Week post, because she actually listened to an audiobook for the first time in honor of Audiobook Week. See what she has to say about the experience:

Audiobook Week: Seven Lessons at Alison’s Book Marks

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10 comments to Other Audiobook Week Discussions!

  • I am listening to Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, and there are so many sentences I want to capture. If I weren’t driving I’d write them down. Any suggestions?

    The narration on it is incredible.

  • Jenn – I used to have the same problem. No I use the voice memo app on my iPhone. If I hear something great I rewind a bit, start up the recorder and then I type it up later to use for my reference or in the review. If you don’t have an iPhone any regular recorder would work and you can get one cheap. Hope that helps!

  • I need to go chase Dawn’s post down…I’m running behind today because the kids and I went to Universal…

  • Just found your site because I noticed the Audiobook Week happy face on someone else’s blog roll. What a find! Audiobooks are a HUGE part of my life – and my biggest problem is trying to decide which ones to order from audible.com. Something tells me if I peruse your archives and those of all the others participating in Audiobook Week, I’ll come up with more than enough titles to add to my wish list. Thanks!

  • Armenia

    Hi. I found your site from Cheeky Reads. I had to chuckle when you commented about listening to AudioBooks while in the tub. I did consider the electrocusion factor, but I have my portable CD player on a stool next to the tub. Its important to have a little towel on the side to catch any stray water drops, though. LOL, my husband would laugh at me when I once set up the portable CD player and hooked up computer speakers so I didn’t have to wear a headset. Jokingly, he kept knocking on the door and insisted some guy was in the tub with me and why was he murmuring sexy things to me. *snort*

  • This has been a full week of audiobook goodness! I’m still working my way thru the Google Reader.

    Thanks for all your work in organizing this, Jen – it’s been fun to read everyone’s thoughts and ideas.

  • Thanks for linking to the posts. I missed Allison’s post, but really enjoyed it!

  • What a great week of audiobook fun! Thanks for hosting this, Jen!