My Name is Memory by Anne Brashares – Book Review

My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

Lucy feels a strange connection to the mysterious Daniel, a young man who joined her high school class for their senior year. Daniel completely ignores her, though, no matter what she does. Until the end of the school year, when Lucy and Daniel find themselves alone together in a classroom, where he starts talking about remembering something and calling Lucy Sophia.

Although it seems that he has been ignoring her, Daniel thinks about almost nothing besides Lucy. Not only does he think about her, he remembers her. He remembers the first time he saw her, thousands of years ago, and every time they’ve come in contact in the years and lives since then. Daniel is one of the rare people who actually remembers what has come before from life to life. Not only that, but he has the ability to recognize other souls from body to body, which is how he knows the soul which is now Lucy throughout the millennia.

“My Name is Memory” is the first in a new trilogy from Ann Brashares. I have to say, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the first book in trilogies lately.  This one followed much the same pattern. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good book. Daniel and Lucy are both complex and compelling characters, and the plot is very inventive and kept me interested. It is just that the first half of the book is a bit of a slow start. This really isn’t surprising, since it is setting up three books worth of plot. Towards the end of the book, though, the pace really picks up. By the end of the book, I couldn’t wait until the next book in the series comes out. I will be reading the rest of this trilogy, without question; I cannot wait to see where Brashares takes Daniel and Lucy’s story.

Recommended, but be warned that it starts off a bit slow – it is worth it, though!

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24 comments to My Name is Memory by Anne Brashares – Book Review

  • I had no idea that this one was a trilogy. I must have forgotten because now I remember someone talking about the shocking ending. For someone who would have said that she doesn’t read a lot of series, I find that I am in the middle of quite a few.

  • I have this around to read and I keep saying it will be next … but something always gets in the way.

  • I am so happy to read you review because I want to read this book but I also wanted some other opinions about it first.

  • I just finished this one last night. I enjoyed it more than I expected to. Romance is not really my thing. But it was slow in parts, and sometimes I wanted to shake the characters and the book to speed up.

  • Everyone was talking about this one after BEA, and it sure sounds good on paper. I’m willing to invest if there is a payoff in the form of a great trilogy though!

  • Before blogging I was not interested in series and all of a sudden my interest have been series.

    This is another on my Wishlist.

    I do hate slow beginnings though.

  • I didn’t realize that this was a trilogy. She’s definitely a writer that I’ve enjoyed in the past and your review has made me want to read this one!

  • kay

    Great review! I’m waiting for my copy to arrive and anxious to see whether I’ll like it or not. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it through the slow beginning!

  • Thank you for this review. New one for me.

  • I have this on the top of my wish list, so thanks for confirming its place on that list! 😉

    I must admit that I am a little tired of the series/trilogy trend. Why can’t we get more stand-alone books these days? It seems like everything is part of a series, forcing me to automatically add to my wish list because I cannot start a series and not finish it! LOL! I would rather have longer books that complete the entire story, even though I know series are a publishers’ dream!

  • I really liked this one too – I thought the concept was incredible.

  • Zia

    Wow how did I miss this was a trilogy? That explains a lot! I just finished it and posted an okay review of it. I’m thinking my review would have been just a bit different if I had realized it was the first in a trilogy. Doh!

  • krista

    Ok, so I thought it was just me that felt completely disappointed with the ending of this book….Thank God, it is the first of a trilogy…something to look forward to. By the end, the reader is so invested in their relationship and to end the way it did, was such a let down. Can’t wait for the second one!

  • Ash

    I really enjoyed this book. I don’t mind slow starts as long as it DOES pick up somewhere around a third of the way in and I felt this did that. Does anyone know when the next one will come out though? I can’t find that information ANYWHERE.

  • Miho

    This sounds exactly like Fallen By Lauren Kate. Same character, just alittle different. Lucy is Luce & Same Daniel. Idk, something’s weird.

    • I haven’t read FALLEN, so I an not the best person to comment inn this, I suppose. However, star-crossed lovers aren’t really a rare theme on literature, and MY NAME IS MEMORY doesn’t have the fallen angels thing, so they seem different enough to me. The name similarities are interesting, though. I wonder if perhaps they are both retelling aspects of an old legend.

    • Diddace

      Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. I just bought MY NAME IS MEMORY and already I can pinpoint a whole lot of similarities between the novel and FALLEN. In the third book in the FALLEN series, PASSION, by Lauren Kate, it has a quote from the song SONG OF MYSELF by Walt Whitman. I just checked and Ann Brashares’ MY NAME IS MEMORY has a quote from the exact same song. Add that to the fact that the characters have almost the same names, and that the story lines seem really similar, and it really makes me think. Coincidence? I think not. But that’s just me…

  • Sabrina

    hahahhahaaha this is weird… lucy and daniel? pretty similar to LUCE AND DANIEL… ummm…??? i’ve read fallen and fell in love with the characters …… and i think I’ll try this book… ? i still thinks it’s funny how similar it SEEMS to Fallen by Lauren Kate.. laugh laugh laugh

    • That is understandable, but MY NAME IS MEMORY actually came out a few months before FALLEN, although not long enough that Lauren Kate could have (and I’m not saying she even would) have take the idea from Ann Brashares. They were writing and being published at about the same time, perhaps Lucy and Daniel were just popular names last year.

      • Jennie

        Actually, it didn’t. Fallen came out in 2009, and My Name is Memory came out in 2010.

        • Ah, I must have been looking at the paperback information. Still, you can’t write a novel and get it published in that year between the time the two books came out. The most I could see is someone changing the names after Fallen came out, because they were popular or something.

  • Jennie

    Oh, I’m not saying anything wrong about it. I just think they changed the cover to the new one (girl in the forest) to appeal to the Fallen fanbase. This type of story has been written before (Soulmate by L.J. Smith is similar and it’s from the 90’s). The only thing that bothers me is the names. I find the similarities between them too much to be just a coincidence. I will still be reading this story because it appeals to me though.

  • Danica

    I didnt understand the ending, which Daniel gave lucy a letter at the end right? Was he dead or safe or still trying to kill Joaquim? Can anyone tell me?