Faith and Fiction Roundtable: Peace Like A River – Expectations

Every month Amy from My Friend Amy hosts the Faith and Fiction Roundtable where a diverse group of bloggers are able to get together to discuss a book with elements of faith in it. In May we discussed  “Peace Like a River” by Leif Enger. Our discussion has been split up into different parts, each hosted on the blog of a different participant. The introduction can be found on Amy’s blog:

My Friend Amy–Introduction

Devourer of Books–Expectations

Amy: People rarely recommend books specifically to me (because I have such eclectic taste), but Peace Like a River is one that has often been recommended to me and is often called a great modern novel of faith. (though it’s set in the past) So I had rather huge expectations going into the reading of it. How about all of you? Had you heard of this book before and what were your expectations.

Jen: I didn’t have any expectations about what Peace Like a River would be specifically about, but I did expect for it to be phenomenal, because that’s pretty much what I’ve always heard, that it is an amazing book. I think that general expectation of ‘amazing’ hurt the book somewhat for me.

Hannah: Jen, I know what you mean about this one having been talked up and how having high expectations going in can hurt your experience reading the book. Like you and Amy, this one came very highly recommended to me. I also found it a bit slow-going, but I don’t always mind that.

Melanie: I actually didn’t get many recommendations for this book. The only one I
saw was a few months back when Maggie Stiefvater was talking about the
author on her facebook page.

Pete: I was a complete stranger to Peace Like a River so I didn’t know or expect anything when started reading. I think it only took the first chapter, though, for me to realize that I was reading something special.

Caite: I can’t say I knew a thing about this book. Never heard of it, never read a thing about it. Until I starting reading some of the reviews, the pages of praise, that preceded the book’s beginning.

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  • “Peace Like a River” is one of my favorite books (and a popular handsell)but this is the first time I’ve ever really considered it as a “Faith and Fiction” read. I just thought it was a beautifully written tale that has some lovely spiritual elements. If you like PLaR, you’ll also like Eiger’s subsequent “So Brave, Tall and Handsome,” which is a funnier and more playful western novel. Like PLaR,it too has a great combination of sweet and solemn, but no matter what, the writing is just knock-your-socks-off wonderful.

    • I’d never heard it described this way either, until Amy told me it was their May pick. I can see it, though, with all the talk of miracles and the dad’s faith.

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