Audiobook Week Info and Daily Discussion Topics

As you probably know, next week is Audiobook Week here at Devourer of Books! If you haven’t heard about Audiobook Week yet, check out my first post on the topic.


There is going to be a whole lot going on here, and I hope that you will consider taking part! I will have daily reviews as well as daily discussion/exposition topics on audiobooks. At the end of each of my reviews I will have a Mr. Linky for you to leave a link to your audiobook review for the day, same with the discussion topics. If you have anyone guest post on your blog about audiobooks you can link that guest post under the discussion topics as well. By the way, if you would like to participate but do not have your own blog, you may want to consider joining the new site Audiobook Community, which does have a built-in blog feature. If you do join, friend me, I’m Jen – Devourer of Books there.


I’ve had some generous sponsors, so I have LOTS of copies of audiobooks to give away to give away next week. Every day I will choose one person who has included a link to a review and one person who has included a link to a discussion post to win an audiobook, and will choose at least one other winner from commenters here next week. A few other participants will also have opportunities to win. I will have a list of all the audios I have available (and where they can be shipped), winners will email me their selection and I will remove them from the list. Since I’ll be choosing from the Mr. Linky, PLEASE make sure your blog has an easily-found way to contact you!

Daily Discussion Topics:

In case you like to write your posts ahead of time and schedule them, here is a list of next week’s post topics:

Monday: Why audiobooks?
Ideas: Why do you like them, why did you first try them, why have you NOT tried them, etc.

Tuesday: How to write an audiobook review
Ideas: What do you include? How do you rate an audio if the narrator is good but the story isn’t (or the other way around). Do you let people know the book was an audio off the bat, or do you surprise them with it at the end, ‘trick’ them into reading the review?

Wednesday: Audiobook meme
This will be up Wednesday morning, but it should be quick and easy for you to fill in if you so desire!

Thursday: When do you listen to audiobooks?
Pretty self-explanatory, but bonus points if you include pictures of yourself listening as do you whatever it is you do!

Friday: My favorite audiobooks/what audiobooks do you recommend?
Also pretty self-explanatory!

If you want to participate and the day’s topic doesn’t interest you, here are some alternatives you can use any day, interpret them however you wish (posts can be linked to that day’s Mr. Linky):

  • How/when did you start listening? Can you remember your first audiobook?
  • Single narrator vs. two narrators vs. full cast narrators
  • Sources for audiobooks
  • Finding audiobook news

I hope to see you back here next week!

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