Audio Footnote App – Giveaway

So, at the beginning of Audiobook Week I was approached by the developer of the Audio Footnote app for iPhones. Basically, this app allows you to record voice notes while you’re listening to an audiobook with your iPhone. Eric, the developer, says:

Notes are saved and sorted by the program you were listening to, the date recorded and your place in the book.

Sounds pretty interesting! Eric offered me a free evaluation copy, but I don’t have an iPhone, so it wouldn’t do much good.

We decided that, since I couldn’t use a copy of this app, maybe one of you can.If you listen to audiobooks on your iPhone, use the google form below to enter this contest.

Enter by 11:59 Central on Thursday, June 24.

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4 comments to Audio Footnote App – Giveaway

  • I’m curious about this app! That’s my hang-up with reviewing audiobooks – it’s hard for me to reference a quote; this could be very useful (yes, I’ve added my info to the spreadsheet).

    Thanks for all your organization of Audiobook Week!

  • dogearedcopy

    I would sooo love to test drive this puppy! I don’t know if I’m disqualified from entering as I work for Blackstone Audio, but I’ve entered anyway (if either you or Eric feels uncomfortable with that, please delete my entry.)

  • I dont have an IPhone either, but it sounds like a pretty cool app!

  • @dogearedcopy: you are welcome to take part in the drawing. I’ll be checking out Blackstone’s wares if you don’t mind. I see a lot of C.S. Lewis that I’d like to listen to.