TSS: In Which I Attempt To Read Like a Million Pages and Fail

Okay, before I get into my likely long and drawn out apologia of both my attempt to read so much and my failure to do so, I want to spotlight a couple of things from last week, and one thing coming up on Devourer of Books.

First of all, I asked you all for your BEA Plans almost 2 weeks ago (by the way, if you have anything to add, you can still do so!). Early this week I am planning to make my own schedule and I will try to post a composite of my schedule and everything mentioned by all of my fabulous commenters by Thursday. If you need information before that, check out hte comments, there is some great stuff in there.

Secondly, I posted earlier this week about what I think is a very interesting topic: the different things readers do with author descriptions of characters. Basically, it all boiled down to whether or not you need to see what you read. Well, that whole discussion was brought up by Kristy Kiernan’s recent book “Between Friends” (which I really enjoyed). Kristy found the discussion so interesting and pertinent to her craft that she was moved to write a response, which I think brings up a lot of interesting questions about writing and reading.

Okay, so now the reason for the drama-filled title.

Thanks to an idea from Nicole, I have created a Reading Schedule for the summer. When I did it, I realized that I had waaay too many books I needed to finish before BEA, so I’ve been in a mad rush to read them. Basically, in the last 2 weeks I’m supposed to have finished:

The Threadbare Heart by Jennie Nash
Daughters of the Witching Hill by Mary Sharratt
Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok
Peace Like a River by Leif Enger
House Rules by Jodi Picoult
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman
The Queen of Palmyra by Minrose Gwen
The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver
Sections 5&6 of Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
The last 180 pages of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
The first 300 pages of Mattherhorn by Karl Malantes

Yes, that adds up to about 3,500 pages (give or take) in two weeks. Yes, my schedule for next week is almost just as insane. No, I did NOT manage to read all of those books.

The first full week of the month my reading got a bit distracted when my husband and I discovered “Twin Peaks.” We got both seasons and the movie from the library and watched the entire thing in about 8 days – probably at least 25 hours worth of television. You can see how I might have been behind from the very beginning. Not to mention the author event I went to that week, and the company we had over for dinner one night.

Still, I did pretty well, and out of those first 5 books I was supposed to read that week, I only missed reading “House Rules” by Jodi Picoult, and I finished that this Monday night. That did put me a good day behind, though, and of the books after “House Rules” on that list, at this point I’ve only finished “Saving CeeCee Honeycutt” (which, incidentally, is a fabulous book to read when you’re having a very bad day), “Queen of Palmyra,” and the 5th section of “Wolf Hall.”

I’m half-way through “The Post-Birthday World,” about 100 pages into “Matterhorn” and haven’t touched section 6 of “Wolf Hall,” so that means that, unless I happen to read over 500 pages today, I’m going into next week already behind, and I’m trying to read 1300+ pages next week before BEA. Oh, and getting my house, family, and self ready for me to leave for 4 nights.

Sleep is overrated, right?

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21 comments to TSS: In Which I Attempt To Read Like a Million Pages and Fail

  • I’m not sure I could read all that and pack to go to BEA! Good luck, though. I always struggle keeping to a reading schedule anyway – I think I’d just rebel and read other stuff.

  • Good luck with all your reading :) I tried to do 3000 pages in a month over Christmas, but I couldn’t even manage that. I’ve been getting sucked into tv a lot lately too — tv on dvd is such a temptation…

  • Amy

    Yikes, that is quite the schedule! Especially with getting ready to leave. I hope you get some good reading in but don’t stay up too late to get it finished, you’ll need to be all rested for the craziness that BEA an BBC apparently are 😉

  • My reading eyes are always bigger than my reading stomach, but I try not to let it stress me out too much. Just do what you can and forget about it.

  • Slow down! All that pressure is going to take away from your reading enjoyment. Isn’t that what it is about? If we want deadlines, we go to work :)

  • Megan

    Well, you know I think you’re a little nuts anyway… but I just wanted to say that my mom has been talking about “Peace Like a River” by Leif Enger for like 2 years. Seriously. She loves it. And keeps trying to get me to read it. Good?

  • You are doing way better in keeping up with your pages than I am. I like the week by week schedule though. I am going to try to use it to help me accept fewer books. I f I know I already plan on reading 4 in one week, that should help deter us, right? Wishful thinking.

  • Don’t you dare get down on yourself–you still read a ton! And if it makes you feel better, you have done way more reading than I have recently. As you may have noticed, I have been slacking off on Wolf Hall once again. I have just had too much going on recently. I hope to finish it soon but who knows if that will happen!

  • OMG don’t you just LOVE LOVE LOVE Twin Peaks?????

    *le sigh*

    Now I’m fighting an uncontrollable urge to rush to Best Buy and purchase them up for a marathon.

  • I think you’re doing phenomenally well. I’ve been too busy avoiding all my to-do lists this week to read. 😀

  • Pam

    I had a couple more books than you on my finish before BEA list. I freaked and started reading library books…. apparently I can’t handle the pressure! This week I have so much to do I am not sure how much reading I will get done.

  • Twin Peaks is some of the best TV ever made I think. My husband and I were SO addicted when it aired. I’d tell you to give yourself a break on the reading, but I know how these things go. I’ve gotten myself into such a mess with commitments. My deadline is June 3, when I go on vacation and am officially 100% Kindle. I can’t read fast enough.

  • I still wish I was going to BEA. All the BEA talk makes me depressed to not be attending, but I look forward to hearing all about it and hope I can attend next year-wait I will have to pay for my kid’s college, oops next year is out too. :(

    I used to keep track of the pages I read, but that fell by the wayside. I read on average (guessing each book to be around 300 pages, in reality they are more, but 300 is an easy number) 3,600 pages a week.

  • I will never nag you again! #Youarenotaslacker #Mhorn

  • Yay for the BEA! I can’t wait to meet everyone. On a side note, I’ve been thinking about getting in to Twin Peaks. Sounds like I should!

  • Those are an amazing amount of books, I’d never be able to read that much in 2 weeks. It seems you did a great job though, even if you didn’t finish all of them.

  • I am so reading House Rules right now!

  • That is a crazy schedule! I hope you’ve had some time to rest too. :) I enjoyed chatting with you last night about Post-Birthday World.