The Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook by The Sleep Lady, Kim West – Book Review

The Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook by The Sleep Lady, Kim West

For a long, long time the sleep situation at our house has been kind of complicated. When Daniel was an infant he would NOT sleep in his crib or an open area like a bassinet, so he slept with us. Any attempts to put him in his crib (even transferring after he was already asleep) unfailingly ended in a VERY unhappy baby, and me picking him up and bringing him back to our room. Even so, we felt that sleep was mostly working for us and I initially only accepted this book for review because we had trouble getting Daniel to go down for naps.

And then we realized that Daniel wouldn’t let his daddy put him to sleep anymore. Since I was heading for New York soon for 4 nights (next week, now!), that was going to be a huuuuge problem. So I stayed up really late one night reading “The Good Night Sleep Tight Workbook” and trying to plan out a sleep solution that would work.

“The Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook” has a great layout and is very easy both to navigate and to understand. The table of contents is helpful, and it is easy to zero in on the information pertinent to your child and your situation and ignore the information that is not. Of course, the real test of a book like this is not simply how easy it is to read through, but whether or not it actually works.

The basic premise of the book involves the ‘Sleep Lady Shuffle’ where you are slowly weaning the baby away from your presence, to help ease them into the transition. There may be some crying involved, but this is definitely not a ‘cry it out’ method, as there is a good deal of comforting the baby the first few nights, and even picking him up to calm him down (but not put him to sleep) if that is helpful and not a hindrance.

We started the program the evening of April 29th (slightly modified as we thought Daniel needed), and I took notes on the events of the first couple of nights. Note that I was positioned sitting/laying on an air mattress right next to Daniel’s crib, where I spent the entire night.

Day 1: Night
7pm put Daniel to bed. 8pm he finally sits down in the crib, 8:40 he finally lays down for the first time. Lots of crying. 9 pm he’s finally asleep.
10 pm, wakes up again, but actually falls asleep in about 5 minutes.
11pm, up again, very upset. Finally goes back to sleep at 12:30.
Up briefly at 3, then sleeps until 6:30

Day 2:
We try for 90 minutes to put a tired Daniel down for a nap. He is only upset for about the first 15 minutes, then just fusses/cries a bit off and on. Although he probably lays down 10 times, he always sits back up and never naps until later when we’re in the car.

Put him down at 7:30, a little crying, but not upset like the previous night or the beginning of the nap. He was mostly sitting, although stood a couple of times and laid down a couple of times. Within 20 minutes he was laying down quietly without me shshing or stroking his back. Asleep after another 10 minutes

By contrast, last night my husband put Daniel to bed. Daniel fussed a bit when first put down, but my husband made 30 seconds worth of “shhshh” noises outside Daniel’s room, and Daniel was asleep in the next 3-5 minutes without a big production. Less than three weeks, and in plenty of time for me to be able to relax about their sleep situation when I am in New York.

I would definitely recommend this book to parents whose children need help learning how to get to sleep. Daniel’s still not fantastic at putting himself BACK to sleep, but he’s getting better, and we’re working on it.

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4 comments to The Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook by The Sleep Lady, Kim West – Book Review

  • Glad to hear that your son is sleeping better, and that this book was helpful. We had a lot of success with Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby if you want to try another book as well.

  • I’m glad it worked out for you! Having a fussy sleeper can be tough. My cousin’s daughter slept with my cousin and her husband until she was at least three or four because they were never able to transition her to a crib or bed. It was rough on them and a big problem when I would babysit! Now she’s almost ten and has been sleeping on her own for years now 😉

  • Good for you! No wonder you were tired there for a few days! I know parents that continue to deal with sleep issues when their child is two and three years old. You were very smart to just nip this in the bud and save yourself many nights of craziness. It is the best proof that this book is the real deal!

  • I’m so glad to hear this is helping! I guess the real test is still to come, during BEA. Thanks so much for being on the tour. Sounds like the book is laid out well.