Announcing: Audiobook Week, June 21-25th!

So, you may know that June is National Audiobook Month. You may also know that I love audiobooks. Or, actually, you may not.

See, I’m really, really bad at reviewing my audiobooks, as compared to paper books. The main reason for this is that I almost always get my audiobooks from the library and almost never are they sent to me for review. Since I give preference to reviewing the books people actually send me, if I get lazy about reviewing, audiobooks often fall to the wayside.

But here’s the thing, I LOVE audiobooks. Love them. They make my commutes more pleasurable, and cleaning and working out too. They also allow me to maximize my reading time, and squeeze in books I wouldn’t otherwise have had a chance to read.

Because I love audiobooks, and I just don’t tell them (or you) enough, I want to spend a week celebrating them!  The week of June 21st will be all audiobooks, all week. I will be reviewing five audiobooks, and am planning a few other special things as well.

And you can join in! You don’t even need to sign up ahead of time! I’ll have a Mr. Linky up for all of your audiobook reviews, but I’ll also have some suggested topics for different days that I will announce a little closer to the event (but plenty early enough for you to get your posts written, if you so desire).

If you want to grab my button, here’s the html code for you to put it in your sidebar:

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Audiobook professionals: If you are interested in contributing a guest post for this event, I would be happy to match you up with someone who is planning to participate.

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