TSS: Rain, rain, go away!

Like much of the rest of the country, Chicagoland saw rain pretty much the entirety of last week.  We didn’t have anything too torrential at least, it would just rain about half of the day, with some clearing the rest of the day.  Of course, the good thing about rain is that by definition it is warm enough out that it is NOT snow!  It has been mid-40s to mid-50s here, which is fabulous, and actually a little warmer than I would expect for early March.

Of course, the dreary, rainy weather fit our mood pretty well around here.  My husband’s (young!) uncle passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, so that made for a tough week for the family.  It may look like I read a lot this week, but they were mostly books I was reading last week and the beginning of this week, primarily finished before Tuesday.

Here’s what I read:

“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” was far and away the highlight of my reading (well, listening) week.  I liked but didn’t love both “Still Life” and “The Stolen Crown,” while “Double Fault” annoyed me and I couldn’t make myself care about “The Beautiful Dead.”

And here’s what I reviewed:

I also had a VERY interesting guest post from Elizabeth Chadwick, author of “The Scarlet Lion” and asked what makes you ‘Say Yes to the Book.’

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10 comments to TSS: Rain, rain, go away!

  • You must have had the same front that we did down here that dumped two days and about six inches of rain on us. I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s uncle. It is tough to deal with the death of any family member, but when they are young and haven’t lived a full life, it is even more tragic. I’m bummed that you didn’t enjoy Lionel Shriver. I am totally engaged in her book “We Need to Talk About Kevin” – I think she is such a clever writer.

    • She was a good writer, but I didn’t like the characters in this book and wasn’t really interested in their lives, because they were completely concerned with tennis, and I’m not into tennis. I’ll try some other books by her – if only because I have 3 sitting on my shelf!

  • I’ve been proselytizing about Henrietta Lacks ever since I finished it. I’m on a mission to convince everyone I know to read it.

  • Sorry to hear about your husband’s uncle.

    The weather’s been dreary here, too, but we’ve all had colds, so we haven’t felt like going anywhere anyway.

  • Sorry about the recent loss of your husband’s uncle.

    I can’t wait to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Hope u enjoyed it.

  • I actually didn’t mind the weather at all this week! I loved that it cleared up later in the afternoons and became gorgeous :-) SO ready for spring (though if it is as rainy all year this year like it was last, that would suck).

  • Nan

    So sorry about your husband’s uncle. I hope the weather clears up this coming week for you.

  • We’d love some rain here after prolonged drought! So sorry about your loss.

  • I am sorry about your husband’s uncle. I ALMOST bought Henrietta Lacks the other night at B&N but ended up passing. I hope to get it from my library though!

  • Glad to hear that Immortal Life is not too dry and will not disappoint! I can’t wait to get to it.