TSS: March! Spring in Chicago! Blogger Bookmarks!

The weather has been positively tropical here since March started, high 30s and even up to the mid-to high 40s!  I believe yesterday got up to 47 degrees.  Although this hasn’t been a particularly cold winter, this is still a nice change.  I remember back in October when 40 degrees seemed so cold, now it feels too warm for my coat!   Unfortunately it isn’t *quite* warm enough to get out and enjoy the weather, but it is warm enough to give us all hope as the snow melts.  Perhaps we’ll have a green Easter?  I wouldn’t be surprised if we get one more good snowstorm, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for warm temperatures.

Daniel and I took a fun field trip on Tuesday to The Bookstore in Glen Ellyn, IL to celebrate the end of BLOB and visit some of my favorite booksellers, Margie (@justbooks), Sue (@suejustbooks), and Jenny, who I was introduced to on my visit (they have other great booksellers as well, but I don’t really know them).  Margie and Sue had a little surprise for me when I got there, recommendation cards for me! Their staff put blue recommendation cards in their favorite books, and I was given my own bookmarks to place in some of my favorite books!  You can see Margie’s blog post for more information.

Photo credit: Margie

On the reading side of things, I had what initially looks like a great reading week, but was really only a so-so one.  I did finish four books, these three plus The Canterbury Tales

However, I had been listening to “The Canterbury Tales” for something like three weeks, so that was more just a relief to finally be done.  “Secrets of Eden” was also an audio book that I was only able to finish so quickly because I had two days at work where I had a project that basically required to just data entry that I didn’t have to think about too hard, so I was able to listen at work, which is a lot of hours of listening.  So really I finished two books, and “The Happiness Project” I actually finished Monday morning after working on it most of the previous week.

But, though the quantity may not have been great, the quality was.  Elizabeth Chadwick’s books always take me quite awhile, because I have to go more slowly than normal and soak them in; they are like Sharon Kay Penman’s books in that sense.  My review of “The Scarlet Lion” will be up tomorrow, actually, and then I’ll have a guest post from Elizabeth on Tuesday.

Here’s what I reviewed last week, along with “The Canterbury Tales.”

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  • I really need to read something by Bohjalian – he keeps getting such great reviews! Did you like Secrets of Eden?

  • I liked it, but for awhile I wasn’t sure if it was going anywhere, so I don’t know that I’d recommend starting with it. I think “The Double Bind” is a more interesting book, although the beginning is very tough.

  • OMG I am so impressed you got book markers in your name. You are famous! I actually got excited tonight while we were wandering about the Barnes & Noble in Maui, and a lady came up looking confused, and asked me “do you read alot of books?”. Ha! She needed recommendations, and I took her on a whirlwind tour until my husband drug me out of there.

  • I love the bookmarks! You are definitely famous! =) I’m looking forward to your review of The Scarlet Lion. I still have it and still haven’t read it even though I read The Greatest Knight probably a year ago now.

  • Great bookmarks! I didn’t know you are in the Chicago area. I’m about 90 miles north. Two of my kids live in Chicago and one called yesterday from a Paddy’s Day parade. She said it was gorgeous out. We really need spring, don’t we?
    I won Secrets of Eden this week and can’t wait to read it. Loved The Double Bind as well as The Buffalo Soldier (I think that’s the title). Have a great week.

  • I love your bookmarks, Jen! Congratulations on that. What did you buy?

    • I bought “The Space Between Us” by Thrity Umrigar, “The World in Half” by Cristina Henriquez, and “Postcards from a Dead Girl” by Kirk Farber. This time I went in with a list, next time I think I’ll have them hand-sell me something.

  • Nan

    I’m hoping to read Secrets of Eden this month. I love Bohjalian’s books. That’s so cool about recommendation cards!

  • As you know, I love your bookmarks! Great idea and so fun for you.

    I have Secrets of Eden to read — maybe in April.

  • Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about your recommendation cards – that is totally awesome! We’ve had a cold winter, so we’re quite happy to have some spring like weather this weekend.

  • The bookmarks are great! And I can’t believe they put “panty worthy” on Rebecca’s! Now I’m going to go pout because I don’t have any cool bookstores in my area.

  • I love the bookmarks! Very cool! I recently picked up a copy of Secrets of Eden and will hopefully get to it sometime in the near future. I hope you have a great week!

  • Amy

    The bookmarks are fabulous! I like Chadwick and plan to read a few more of her books this year.

  • Those bookmarks are so very cool! I just received Canterbury Tales and have been playing around with starting it.

  • I adore the bookmarks! What a fabulous idea.

  • I just have no words for how awesome the bookmarks are. Margie and Sue are so much fun, and I hope I make it to Chicago to meet them (and you!) super soon.

  • Your recommendation cards are so cool!!

  • Those cards are SO COOL!! I love them- I will have to go to Glen Ellyn and check them out myself :-)

  • You do a great service to readers. And an even bigger service to writers!

    Greg Gutierrez
    Zen and the Art of Surfing

  • Oh my gosh–your very own bookmarks! You’ll be famous. I wish I lived close enough to go visit The Bookstore!

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  • […] Bloggers and independent bookstores can work together on a number of levels to hand-sell books and authors. If a bookstore publishes a newsletter, they could feature a local (or favorite) blogger’s review in each issue, and actively involve bloggers in their websites, through mutual links. Stores could also add a bloggers’ pick shelf to sit alongside the staff picks. I know of at least one instance where a bookstore (Just the Bookstore in Glen Ellyn, Illinois) printed up bookmarks to use in books that were recommended by particular bloggers (Jen of Devourer of Books was one of those bloggers – she tweeted a photo of her bookmark. […]