The Opposite of Me – Book Review

The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen

Lindsey is sure that she is on her way to becoming the youngest VP of advertising in her company’s history.  Not that her mother can appreciate anything she does without making sure that she knows of her twin sister Alex’s successes.  Alex has always been the pretty one – no, make that the gorgeous one. You know, the one who parlays a career in modeling to a career on television. Whatever, though, Lindsey doesn’t care too much about what Alex is accomplishing or how rich and handsome her fiance is, because Lindsey is rocketing through the world of advertising.  Until, suddenly, she isn’t any more. When her career, the very thing that defines Lindsey, goes down the drain, Lindsey finds herself back at home and back in increasing competition (even if it may be mostly in her head) with Alex.

Oh man, I loved “The Opposite of Me.”  I read Sarah’s posts at the Debutante Ball, where she is one of the 2010 Debs, every Tuesday.  She has such a great voice and sense of humor in all of her posts, and her voice was exactly the same and just as fantastic as ever.

When I was about half way through the book, I thought it was going to be a pretty predictable plot. You know, girl loses job, girl finds self.  Yes, it had elements of that, but Pekkanen took the story in a way I didn’t expect that was much deeper and more meaningful than the cliche storyline I was expecting. I was actually really enjoying the book even when I thought it was going the same old place; when I realized where “The Opposite of Me” was really going I went from like to love.

“The Opposite of Me” is sweet, hilarious, and full of win.  I highly recommend it.

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