The Language of Secrets – Book Review

The Language of Secrets by Diane Dixon

When Justin Fischer and his wife Amy move back to California from London, she urges him to reunite with his estranged family. Not that Justin is really sure why he and his family are estranged. In fact, there’s a lot he can’t remember – including what happened that would trigger his sister to react so negatively to him when he attempts to approach her. Justin’s mystery gets deeper as he ventures to his parents’ graves and finds one with his own name on it indicating that he died at the age of three. Before he can fully partake in his future with his family, he must figure out what happened in his past.

So I actually had a pretty difficult time with this book at the beginning. There seemed to be a few awkward sentences in the first 30 pages or so, and then around page 85 I had to contact a friend I knew had read it because I really wasn’t buying the plot at that point,a nd I needed confirmation it would get better. Really, I should have just waited a few more pages, because that’s actually right about the point where the story began to turn around. I don’t want to tell you exactly what it was that I didn’t buy initially, but if you read it you’ll likely know, and I promise that Dixon totally brings it together, letting the reader learn Justin’s story by showing us his past, his present, and his parents’ past.

There’s a lot here, especially in the last 100 pages. As Swapna said, it would make a great book club book. Recommended.

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