Sunday Salon: Spring Unsprung

Well, in this first full week of Spring, Mother Nature has forgotten to take her meds. It was 68 degrees here on the last day of Winter, then 30 and snowing the first day of Spring, lather, rinse, repeat. I’m happy to report there were no deaths in the family or sad, sick babies this week, but we did have calamity on a smaller scale: the internet was out. It is all some long, obnoxious story about my husband trying to port his Comcast email from his dad’s account to our account. It took my father-in-law hours on the phone (or maybe online chat, I’m not sure), and then our email was out and they said we couldn’t touch the modem to reset it for 72 hours while they moved the email address over.  This was Wednesday night. As of Saturday morning, the internet was back on, but for some reason my computer wouldn’t connect. The wireless is broken on it, so it comes and goes inconsistently. When it is on I can connect to a neighbor’s unsecured wireless connection if I have to, but it is pretty much always off. We have no idea why it isn’t working for me to plug into the wall with the ethernet cable, when my husband’s desktop is now doing fine on the internet.  Thank goodness I preschedule my posts!

You’d think I would have finished more books this week with the internet off, but I was still accessing the web on my Blackberry, and one of the books I was reading was LONG. Here’s what I completed, though:


And here’s what I reviewed, covers link to their posts:


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7 comments to Sunday Salon: Spring Unsprung

  • Argh! Don’t you want to rip an electronic device (any device, just pick one) out of the wall?? My biggest frustration is that I am a technological idiot, and must rely on others to fix my problems. Hang in there girl! Happy Sunday!

  • HOw utterly frustrating!!! I hope the connection is more steady when you move.

  • Sometimes I think the cable companies try to make things as complicated as they can. I requested The House of Tomorrow from Vine based on your review and should be getting it this week.

  • Amy

    Ah, the joys of internet. Thank goodness my work laptop was just upgraded but I used to have the same issue. The wireless would turn on and off randomly and didn’t stay connected to me home network – I had to try to use the neighbors unsecured instead as well.

  • And they say life with computers is easy?! :) Hope this week is better!

  • I’m with you on the weather. I am so very ready for the cold to be over. And here I am getting all excited by nice weather and then BAM here comes the cold again.

  • Oh these computers are great things as long as everything is working but when it isn’t we’re all kind of lost, aren’t we?!