TSS: Sleep Deprived Edition

Oh friends, we’ve had a long couple of weeks in the last seven days.

Last Sunday Daniel didn’t get a nap in before church, partly because the time change screwed him up, so he was already pretty tired at 12:30 when we got home, then he only got a short nap in before we left to go to lunch with the family that was in for the funeral, so his sleep was aaaaaaaall screwed up for the day and he took a pretty late nap, which meant he also went to bed late and got us off to a rocky start. By this point in the week I no longer have any idea went

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From Self-Publishing to Sourcebooks – Guest Post and Giveaway by Susan Higginbotham, Author of “The Stolen Crown”

I’ve been wondering about Susan’s move from self-publishing to traditional publishing ever since “The Traitor’s Wife” was published by Sourcebooks, so I’m so pleased that she has agreed to write about it for us. Danielle from Sourcebooks is also sponsoring a giveaway of “The Stolen Crown” (see my review) for two readers in the US and Canada. Please see the entry form at the bottom of this page.

When I was close to finishing my first novel, The Traitor’s Wife, I spotted an article in the paper about a self-publishing company.

It put an idea into my head. I was an unknown writer with a long novel about an obscure historical figure, Eleanor

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Beautiful Dead: Jonas – Book Review

Beautiful Dead: Jonas by Eden Maguire

Ellerton High School has been having a rash of student deaths over the last year. First Jonas, then Arizona, finally Summer, and Phoenix. All this death has everyone in the town on edge, but particularly Darina, whose boyfriend Phoenix was the latest fatality. Sure, they’d only been together for about 2 months, but clearly Phoenix was the LOVE OF DARINA’S LIFE and, you know, she is finding it difficult to go on. Until one day, Darina is sure that she sees not just Phoenix, but also Jonas. Did they really die, or are they still alive? Eventually Darina learns that the four dead Ellerton High students

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Remarkable Creatures – Mini Review

Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier

You’ll have to forgive me, because I actually read “Remarkable Creatures” quite awhile ago, and just never got around to writing my review. Unfortunately I suffer from that problem with books I borrowed from the library or took off of my own shelves. When I get behind in my review writing, those are the ones that suffer. So instead of writing a regular review, I’ll just give you the publisher’s synopsis as found on Amazon and some of my thoughts.

From the publisher:

A voyage of discoveries, a meeting of two remarkable women, and extraordinary time and place enrich bestselling author Tracy Chevalier’s enthralling new novel From

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Double Fault – Book Review

Double Fault by Lionel Shriver

Here’s my quick synopsis of “Double Fault:”

Willy cares about nothing but tennis, but that’s okay, because she’s good. Willy meets Eric, he plays tennis too! Plus, she has ended her affair with her coach, so she might as well hook up with Eric. Eric and Willy don’t actually appear to like one another that much or know much about each other besides tennis, but hey, you know, it might be fun if they got married. Eric gets better at tennis, Willy gets hurt, Eric gets better than her, and she gets pissed. Marriage that was based on nothing besides tennis falters unsurprisingly when Willy’s game does the

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