Get Your Readath-On!!!

Oh, my dear friends, have you ever participated in one of the 24 Hour Readathons? I have been a reader for 4 of them so far – every single one single I joined the book blogosphere, actually.

Sadly I will not be able to participate in the next one, which is April 10, 2010. I already have other family obligations that day which are going to be great, but I’m definitely bummed I won’t be able to sit around and read with all of you.

But seriously! You should sign up! You can be a reader or a cheerleader. And don’t be intimidated by the 24 hour thing, nobody’s going to yell at you if you fall asleep, I promise, it is ever so much fun.

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9 comments to Get Your Readath-On!!!

  • I’ve been a cheerleader a couple of times for the read-a-thon. It’s so much fun. I highly recommend it. It will help add to your to be read this quickly.

  • I am participating, and this is my FIRST TIME! My schedule, with the kids’ sporting events and our social life, has never permitted me to join. But this time I think it is going to happen. In fact, I think my daughter is going to read with me, which will be fun!

  • Oh that’s to bad but family always comes first! This is my first time so I am really excited!

  • I am participating for the first time. I’ve heard so many exciting stories that I just had to try! Probably wont make it through the whole day, but I’m going to try :-)
    It’s a shame you can’t participate, but family is obviously more important.

  • I’m still chuckling over “get your readath-on.” With lines like that, you should be a cheerleader sometime!

  • Hey, Jen! Just wanted to pop in and say hi; the readathon is going to act as my motivator to get my blog back on track (again!) after more life craziness. Looking forward to keeping up with you here on a more regular basis :)

  • We’ll miss you — but you have a busy, busy April.

  • Awwww, I’m sorry you’re not going to be able to make it. I know you have a lot going on so good luck!

  • I am not going to be able to participate either, but hopefully I will be able to get some cheerleading in!!