February 2010 Reading Wrap-Up

My reading this month was a little slower than normal, 16 book completed. Sure, February’s a short month, but it isn’t THAT much shorter.  I can attribute that to a few things.  One, there were two print books that took me longer than normal to read, “City of Refuge” and “Black Hills,” the first because I was soaking it in, the second because I didn’t love it, and got stuck on it for a few days.  Perhaps a bigger reason I didn’t get more read, though, was because I was listening to “The Canterbury Tales” on audio from February 8th until March 2nd.  Normally I would have probably finished 2 audiobooks in that time, if not 2 before the end of February.

After my list of what I read this month, you’ll find a list of the other reviews I posted this month, as well as an update of how I’m doing in my challenges.

What I Read:

Dream House by Valerie Laken
City of Refuge by Tom Piazza
They Found Him Dead by Georgette Heyer
Pieces of Happily Ever After by Irene Zutell
The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen (review coming March 10th)
Almost Home by Pam Jenoff

Young Adult/Middle Grades Fiction
Merlin’s Harp by Anne Elliot Crompton
Restoring Harmony by Joelle Anthony (review coming May 13th)

Historical Fiction
The Queen’s Dollmaker by Christine Trent
The Wives of Henry Oades by Johanna Moran
Black Hills by Dan Simmons

Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven by Susan Jane Gilman
A Year of Blind Dates by Megan Carson

The Time Traveler’s Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer

Bad Things Happen by Henry Dolan (review pending)
The Book of Unholy Mischief by Elle Newmark (review pending)

Pick of the Month:

Since I haven’t reviewed this yet (actually, my review is written, but the book is being released on March 9th, so I’m saving my review), I’ll just tell you that it is awesome, and give you the publisher’s description:

Twenty-nine-year-old Lindsey Rose has, for as long as she can remember, lived in the shadow of her ravishingly beautiful fraternal twin sister, Alex. Determined to get noticed, Lindsey is finally on the cusp of being named VP creative director of an elite New York advertising agency, after years of eighty-plus-hour weeks, migraines, and profound loneliness. But during the course of one devastating night, Lindsey’s carefully constructed life implodes. Humiliated, she flees the glitter of Manhattan and retreats to the time warp of her parents’ Maryland home. As her sister plans her lavish wedding to her Prince Charming, Lindsey struggles to maintain her identity as the smart, responsible twin while she furtively tries to piece her career back together. But things get more complicated when a long-held family secret is unleashed that forces both sisters to reconsider who they are and who they are meant to be.

What I Posted:

Guest Posts
“Lucrezia Tornabuoni…In the Light, In the Shadows” – Robin Maxwell, author of O, Juliet
“Following the White Rabbit” – Melanie Benjamin, author of Alice I Have Been

The Weight of Heaven by Thrity Umrigar

Young Adult Fiction
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

Historical Fiction
O, Juliet by Robin Maxwell
The Book of Fathers by Miklos Vamos (did not finish)
The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan

The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova

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8 comments to February 2010 Reading Wrap-Up

  • I’m so glad you loved The Opposite of Me – I can’t wait to read it.

  • YOu had an awesome month! I am so looking forward to Opposite of Me. THat’s my pick for the Deb challenge.

  • This may be a slow month for you, but I’d take it! I have had some issues lately even getting through one or two books in a week, and I’m losing my buffer. I’m usually at least three weeks out on my reviews. I know how it is when you listen to long audios. I think it took me three or four weeks to get through the Outlander audios.

  • I think you had a great reading month – way better than me! Looking forward to your review of Opposite of Me and have a great March!

  • I stalled out in the middle of February too, although mine had less to do with the book I was reading and more to do with the fact that I wasn’t in the mood to be reading at all. Here’s to a better March for both of us!

  • After hearing such great reviews, I will be definitely picking up “The Opposite of Me” when it comes out!

    I also had a short reading list this month — there was a week when I only got one book finished. We’ll both do better in March. 😀

  • Nan

    I think you had a great month of reading! Have a great March!

  • I want to read The Opposite of Me based solely on your raving. :)

    I like that 16 books is a bad month for you. It’s twice as good as the best month I’ve ever had. I must learn these secrets you fast readers possess.