A Year of Blind Dates – Book Review

A Year of Blind Dates by Megan Carson

Megan had her first boyfriend and her first kiss when she was 27.  When the long-distance relationship faltered after 3 months, she decided she was going to have to do something to break her out of her misery and help her find a husband.  She had a long list of ‘wants’ in a mate (tall, golfer, good dresser), but only one ‘need’: faith.  She was determined that she would find a man who would share her commitment to her faith, a man who would love both her and Jesus.  After experimenting with a couple of online dating services, she decided to try The World’s Best Dating Service, a matchmaking service which guaranteed her at least 14 dates in a 12-month period, and which promised that her matches would just keep getting better and better as they got feedback from her and refined their selections.

Okay, so, full disclosure.  I put this information in my FTC disclaimer at the bottom, but I think it is important to be up front about this one. The author of this book, Megan Carson, is sort of a friend of the family.  I’ve never met her, but her dad and my dad are buddies at their golf course.  That definitely did not positively influence my review, though.  Instead, I was pretty sure the book was going to suck. I mean, being asked to review the book of the daughter of my dad’s friend (I think her dad asked my dad if I wanted to review it, not actually her asking me)? Sounds like a recipe for bad self-published book. I was slightly hopeful since it wasn’t actually self-published, but plenty of not-so-good books make it through the publishing process.

Instead, I was very pleasantly surprised by “A Year of Blind Dates.” Although Megan bothered me a bit in the beginning – it seemed like she was discounting the strong relationships she had with friends and family because she lacked a romantic relationship and being super heartbroken about the end of a three month long relationship that was long distance to begin with – her engaging writing style kept me picking up the book back up. Her style was rather informal with lots of parentheses, but it worked because of the type of book she was writing. I was also impressed that she didn’t let any of her later dates turn into stale rehashings of her first dates, even though some of the men had similar problems (like uncontrollable swearing). On a more personal note, I was also impressed by Megan’s strength of her convictions and refusal to back down on what was really important to her, while keeping a relatively open mind about less crucial attributes such as height. I also thought she conveyed her faith very well, without falling into the traps of getting either preachy or sappy.

A very fun, well-written account of a girl looking for Mr. Right. Faith is a very strong element of Megan’s story, so if that doesn’t interest you, you may not enjoy this very much.

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This review was done with a book received from my dad, who got it from the author’s father because they’re golf buddies.  I’ve never met the author or anyone in her family, though.
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8 comments to A Year of Blind Dates – Book Review

  • You are so funny! I’m glad the book ended up being enjoyable, though, I have turned down friend of friends self-published stuff before.

    I look forward to reading it!

  • This looks really cute! I don’t read a lot of religious fiction-type books, but this one sounds interesting. I’ll have to put it on the reminder list! :)

  • This sounds like an interesting read. I like memoirs written in a more informal style – it sounds like it works very well for this particular book.

  • See? You have three (and now four) comments! I remember you mentioning this book and trying to decide whether to accept it or not. I am really glad it turned out better than you expected. Talk about a tricky fine line to walk. The book sounds charming, with a strong female lead who stands by her beliefs. That is definitely a rarity these days.

  • This looks cute! Perhaps it will give me some clues for my own dating life. 😉

  • Sounds like a cute premise. Not really into the whole faith thing, but I still like books about women who know what they want and go for it .. so who knows? Maybe I would enjoy this one.

  • Sounds fun — but probably not for me. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book though.

  • Nathan

    I wonder if she is still available??