Get Your Readath-On!!!

Oh, my dear friends, have you ever participated in one of the 24 Hour Readathons? I have been a reader for 4 of them so far – every single one single I joined the book blogosphere, actually.

Sadly I will not be able to participate in the next one, which is April 10, 2010. I already have other family obligations that day which are going to be great, but I’m definitely bummed I won’t be able to sit around and read with all of you.

But seriously! You should sign up! You can be a reader or a cheerleader. And don’t be intimidated by the 24 hour thing, nobody’s going to yell at you

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The Language of Secrets – Book Review

The Language of Secrets by Diane Dixon

When Justin Fischer and his wife Amy move back to California from London, she urges him to reunite with his estranged family. Not that Justin is really sure why he and his family are estranged. In fact, there’s a lot he can’t remember – including what happened that would trigger his sister to react so negatively to him when he attempts to approach her. Justin’s mystery gets deeper as he ventures to his parents’ graves and finds one with his own name on it indicating that he died at the age of three. Before he can fully partake in his future with his family, he

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The Queen’s Governess – Book Review

The Queen’s Governess by Karen Harper

Kat Ashley, nee Champernowne is well known by those who have read about Queen Elizabeth I. Not only was Ashley Elizabeth’s governess when she was young, but she remained a devoted servant when Elizabeth ascended to the throne. What many may not know – I certainly didn’t! – is that her original sponsor when she arrived at court was none other than Thomas Cromwell. Harper’s version of Kat had her groomed from her relatively poor family as a protege of Cromwell and a sometimes-spy for him at court who grew to love both her first mistress Anne Boleyn and her daughter Elizabeth. Kat stood by Elizabeth

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Writing Believable Historical Women – Guest Post by Helen Hollick, Author of “Shadow of the King”

It is very tricky writing believable female characters in historical fiction. An author needs to make them interesting, a realistic character for the reader to identify with but to be fairly contemporary with the chosen time period. Which is where the problems often arise.

Women were, usually, not very kindly looked upon in the ‘days of yore.’ In fact, unless the woman happened to be someone powerful like Eleanor of Aquitaine, or Elizabeth I, they were regarded as little more than slaves and chattels to be used and abused by the menfolk. Or were they?

I personally think – and I stress this is my own view, written from the heart not

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Sunday Salon: Spring Unsprung

Well, in this first full week of Spring, Mother Nature has forgotten to take her meds. It was 68 degrees here on the last day of Winter, then 30 and snowing the first day of Spring, lather, rinse, repeat. I’m happy to report there were no deaths in the family or sad, sick babies this week, but we did have calamity on a smaller scale: the internet was out. It is all some long, obnoxious story about my husband trying to port his Comcast email from his dad’s account to our account. It took my father-in-law hours on the phone (or maybe online chat, I’m not sure), and then our email was out and

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