TSS: The End of BLOB, Daniel Swimming, and More!

We’ve reached the end of February, which also means that we have reached the end of BLOB. I have gotten rid of nearly 250 books this month and only brought about 6 new ones into the house, so I would say that it was pretty successful! I have no idea at this point whether I’ve won or not, Nicole and I are pretty much involved in a death match at the moment.  I’ll have to make one more pass over my shelves and see if I can beat her.

I haven’t participated in the Sunday Salon in awhile, I know.  We’ve been pretty busy.  Part of that was my parents visiting and my husband redoing both of our bathrooms, but part of that was just Daniel.  He’s 8 months now; just a couple of days before he turned 7 months he started crawling.  Well, he wasn’t happy with just crawling for more than a few days.  Very soon he started pulling up on anything and everything. Now he’s walking along holding onto the couch or table and even frequently letting go of everything and just trying to stand. He is so determined to walk! Then we’re really going to be in trouble.

Actually, Daniel also started swim lessons this week.  I don’t know if he was just really used to the water from the bath or what, but he was much more interested in the other babies than in what was happening in the water. Here’s the video of him in the water with his daddy, he did NOT want to blow bubbles:

For some reason my reading week seemed really slow this week.  I think it was because I’ve been dragging through the audio of Canterbury Tales for a couple of weeks already and still have a decent way to go.  I actually had a really good reading week, though, which I didn’t realize until this morning, because I forgot about some stuff I’d read early in the week (not because the books were forgettable, just because I have no concept of days and weeks anymore without looking at a calendar.

Here’s what I finished:

And what I reviewed:

I also had a really, really great guest post from Melanie Benjamin as part of the Literary Road Trip.

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15 comments to TSS: The End of BLOB, Daniel Swimming, and More!

  • LOVED the video! I wish I signed up my boys for swim lessons at that age!

    Looks like you had a pretty productive reading week to me! I need to play catch up!

  • Daniel is so cute! I never get tired of saying that. You had a great reading week. Hope this week is just as great.

  • Oh, I wish my parents had signed ME up for swim lessons when I was that little! I still don’t know how because I never had any lessons and now I’m afraid of water. =/ Definitely decided that my eventual kids will start that young. Daniel seemed to be enjoying himself, even if he was mostly looking at the other babies!

  • I remember when Vance was cruising around the furniture. Carl was a nervous wreck when he went round and round the coffee table. One day, he couldn’t take it anymore and carried the coffee table outside and put it at the curb. We didn’t have a coffee table for years after that. Enjoy this special time!

  • Aw, that makes me sad to think of when mine were that age and in swimming lessons. He is so good in the water, even when he put his face in! I love it!

    I’ve been really struggling with the pace of my reading lately. If I’m productive reading, I feel like my whole life is dragging. Still, it looks like you had a great week. I can’t wait to see who won BLOB!

  • That is so cool about Daniel and water. Take advantage of that. Allison is still too leary.

    February wasn’t a very productive month for me with, perhaps, the exception of my first vlog. Work has been nothing short of hell, leaving me virtually no patience at home or energy for anything else. Thankfully the project responsible is nearly over. I’m also taking Friday and Monday off to recuperate. I can’t wait!

  • Oh, Daniel is such a cutie! And that video is too precious. One day in the future, you can show him how totally unfazed he was by the water and how he was more interested in his fellow classmates than anything else. Thanks for sharing!

  • Congrats on your BLOB success.

    I didn’t realize you could take swimming lessons so young. :)

  • LOL!! Loved the video!!! I haven’t checked to see if it is Amy or me who is the big loser of BLOB. But no matter what, I feel great about the game. Can’t wait for our BLOB meetup in NYC.

  • I have the same problem about remembering when I read which books. Every Sunday, I have to look at my Sunday Salon from the previous week to see what the last book I mentioned was.

  • The swimming video is so cute! I love how Daniel and the baby next to him stare at each other in the beginning. Awesome.

  • Nan

    Great video! He loved kicking his feet!

  • Great work with the BLOB! Getting rid of 250 books – wow I am impressed!

  • An adorable video of Daniel once again — such a great thing to do, to enroll him in swim lessons so early.

    And I am SO, SO impressed with your success in BLOB. I bet your bookshelves are thanking you right now!

  • My oldest was a perfectly average 11 months when he started walking but then my middle one was only nine months and my daughter was only 10 months. The only saving grace about them walking is that they are muuuucchh slower walking than they are crawling. At least for a while.