The Swan Thieves – Thoughts on an (Audio) Reread

If you read my review way back in September, it is no secret that I really enjoyed Elizabeth Kostova’s new book, “The Swan Thieves.”

I actually enjoyed it so much, that around Thanksgiving when a bunch of people were reading it, I started to want to do a re-read.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to fit the text in again any time soon, so I decided that I was going to have to get a hold of the audiobook and do an audio reread.  Anna from Hachette was nice enough to drop a copy in the mail for me when they were released.  The timing was perfect, I was just finishing another audiobook and ready for a new one, so I immediately embarked on my voyage back through Marlow and Robert Oliver’s lives.  I’m not going to talk about the story again, because you can go back to my review, linked at the top of the page, if you want to know what I thought about that.  Instead, I want to talk about my experience with the audio.

Most audios I listen to have only one narrator, and that is usually fine.  A good narrator can cover everyone’s voice appropriately anyway.  It is, however, a real treat to listen to an audiobook with a great cast of narrators.  “The Swan Thieves” is one of those books.  I think my favorite of all the narrators was Anne Heche as Kate, but they were all fabulous.  For a book like this that is really told from four very distinct perspectives, the use of four separate narrators really added something invaluable to the experience.  I did appreciate, though, that each narrator stuck to his or her own chapters, no attempting dialog between two of them.  That would have become too awkward with “he said”s and “she exclaimed”s included. There was also some lovely background music that chosen perfectly to complement the book.

All in all, I think the experience of listening to “The Swan Thieves” was equally as enjoyable as reading it.

(Yes, FTC, as I said above, I *did* get this for free)

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