The Postmistress – Book Review

The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

Okay, where to start?  There’s really a lot going on in “The Postmistress,” although Blake weaves the strands of her story together seamlessly.

The story is framed by Frankie Bard, a woman who worked as a reporter with Edward Murrow in Europe during the early days of World War II, before the United States became involved in the war.   Iris James is the new postmistress – postmaster, she would say – of Franklin, Massachusetts.  Iris isn’t the only new woman in Franklin; Emma Fitch has only just arrived as the wife of the town doctor, Will Fitch, who is haunted by his family’s past in the small town.  Just because the war is in Europe, doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to touch the lives of these American women.

Oh, Amy Einhorn Books, are you ever going to publish a book that isn’t awesome?

As I said above, there is a whole lot going on in “The Postmistress,” far more than I listed in my summary above, but it is all woven together so deftly that I’m not sure what more I could say without giving too much away.  This is one of those novels that you just need to experience.  Frankie was a particularly well-drawn, complex character.

“The Postmistress” is a lovely, well-written book that draws you into the early years of World War II in a completely authentic way.

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