I’m going to be the BLOB!

“The what?” you ask.

Blob. B.L.O.B. Biggest Loser Of Books.

I imagine you’re probably saying, “um, that doesn’t actually make anything clearer.”

Well, the other day I was on Twitter (and really, don’t all of these sorts of stories start like this these days?  ‘I was on Twitter…’?) discussing with Candace of Beth Fish Reads how we have too many books, they don’t all fit on my shelves, and we will never be able to read them all – especially with the rate that new books come in.  Amy asked if either of us was planning to do a book acquisition ban to mitigate our problem and we said that, no, we didn’t have the willpower for something like that.  Amy suggested that we have a competition in the same vein as the Game On Diet, so we set up a system of points.  The participants, in addition to me, Candace, and Amy, are Natasha, Nicole, and Dawn.  Person with the fewest points at the end of February wins, the losers are chipping in to buy the winner lunch one day at BEA.  Anyone with positive points has to donate $1 for every point they have to a reading charity.  If I end up in the positive, I will be donating to a literacy project in an elementary school program in Chicago through Donors Choose.

Here is our points system:

Impulse buy–10 pts
Swap Site–5 pts
Review Copy: pitched– 3 pts
Review Copy: requested (includes books offered on Shelf Awareness) – 5 points
Unsolicited–0 points
LIbrary Copy–3 pts
Give away a book — -2

I’ve pulled out over 80 books to giveaway so far, so I’m pretty sure I AM going to be the BLOB: Biggest Loser of Books

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