SheKnows, Books, and Marianna Olszewski

Do you know about  I’m pretty sure I originally found them when entering a contest for hair products (oh, the things people try to get for free on the internet, don’t judge me, you know you’ve done it too).  Anyway, SheKnows is essentially an online magazine for women.  The actually cover a wide variety of topics. If Shape, Cosmo, Martha Stewart Living and ‘O’ got together and had an internet love child, it would be

“How does this pertain to books?” you might be asking.  Well, they’ve actually had a books section for quite some time (it is called ‘Books and Chick Lit,’ which always perplexes me a bit, as I always thought Chick Lit tended to be in book format).  However, in 2010 they are going to be putting more emphasis on books, and I’m always up for supporting any emphasis on books!  They will be starting an online book club which will meet every other month, and, in between, will be promoting authors whose work will might be of interest to women.

The first book they are focusing on this year (not for the book club, just one of the books they are promoting) is not my usual fare – and I haven’t read it, so I can’t vouch for quality – but I thought it sounded very appropriate for the new year with everyone’s resolutions, so I thought I would share some information about it with you:

Get empowered to live the life of your dreams in 2010: Author and expert Marianna Olszewski tells you how

Wall Street money expert, life coach, mother and author, Marianna Olszewski, shares her secrets of success in her new book, “Live it! Love it! Earn it!,” in which she teaches women to be empowered – to live the life you want, to get control of your finances, to let go of stress, start your business, reach your goals and enjoy richer, happier lives.
Marianna grew up strapped for cash which motivated her to strive for financial abundance, independence and happiness and she exceeded all those goals by age 30. In her book, she shares everything she’s learned about managing money and following your dreams. She strives to empower women to focus on what they really want, how to get out of their comfort zones and act.
Marianna offers nine strategies that help empower women in the book, everything from starting your own business, to finding ways to say yes to yourself and reversing your worries. She also included true stories from women overcoming challenges: looking for a first job, climbing the corporate ladder, getting out of debt, changing careers in midstream, starting a small business and going solo after a divorce.
The book also includes insights from some well known successful and fulfilled women like designer Diane von Furstenberg, Jimmy Choo shoe mogul Tamara Mellon, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn and more.
So what empowers this entrepreneur, author, life coach, savvy woman and mom?
#1 Starting my own business
#2 Earning the respect of colleagues in my industry  which happened after I started by business
#3 Writing this book for women to follow their dreams
#4 Having a loving family and beautiful little boy
#5 Traveling around the world and seeing different ways of life
#6 Giving back by giving my time and resources to many charities and women’s  organizations
# 7 Living a balanced life with quiet time for meditation learning and reflection
#8 Having supportive friends that are there for you through life’s ups and downs
You can check out Marianna’s book on her “Live it! Love it! Earn it!” website which has some of the tools she talks about in the book, like an easy 5 step business plan and The Worry Circle. And, check out her video interview on YouTube (below) about the book.

FTC notice: I have no financial stake in any of this. I didn’t even receive a copy of the book that could be sold for big bucks at a used bookstore, I’m just sharing some info.

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