Imprint-Based Challenges: Amy Einhorn and Reagan Arthur

Before I started blogging, I could never in a million years have told you who published my favorite books.  Even in my early days of blogging, perhaps the first year, I still didn’t really know or, at least, didn’t know the difference between what different imprints of a publisher might come up with.

That has really been changing for me in the last six months or so.  If I am feeling iffy about a book I’ll check the publisher and imprint, and that often is enough to make my decision whether or not I want to read it, and I rarely feel that I’ve been led astray by this method.

There are two new imprints that are really pulling in a lot of well-deserved buzz, both edited by women who have been in the business for awhile and really want to be involved in what books they put their names on.

The first one to launch was Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam, an imprint of Penguin.  This imprint debuted with “The Help,” which has been widely acclaimed and was a fabulous book.  A few weeks ago a bunch of us decided on Twitter that we had read so many great Amy Einhorn books that we wanted to read them all, and thus was born the Amy Einhorn Perpetual Challenge.  One thing that is really cool is that Amy Einhorn herself is excited about our challenge, she even guest blogged at Beth Fish Reads.

The other imprint that is getting buzz right now is Reagan Arthur Books, an imprint of Little, Brown.  This imprint’s debut book, “The Unnamed” was recently released and already has bloggers ravingKathy and Julie have stepped up and are creating a perpetual challenge for this imprint as well.  This imprint is so new that I haven’t read any of the books yet, but based on reviews so far, I’m signing myself up for this one and am very excited about it!

There’s really something neat about deliberately reading the books from certain imprints, you start to feel that you know, or at least know something about, the different editors, and that is a very cool experience.

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