Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

**Caution: There may be spoilers**

Considering that I started to cry when listening to Cedric’s death in book 4 and I cry every time I read the ends of these two books, I was quite surprised not to cry at all while listening to either “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” or “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.”  I’m really not sure why this is.  Jim Dale’s performance was the first time that Cedric’s death has ever effected me like that, but didn’t bring tears to my eyes when Sirius and Dumbledore died.  It seems quite odd.  Then again, their deaths in the movies didn’t make me cry either, just when I read the books on my own.  Perhaps I love those characters so much I just need to go at my own speed and linger over the words describing their deaths, otherwise it all goes too quickly.

By now I’m really, really enjoying Jim Dale as the narrator of these books.  The voices he provides the characters have supplanted the voices of the characters in my mind, and I find the books coming to life for me again in a completely different way.  Also, I can’t tell whether his Hermione has grown less obnoxious, or whether I am just used to her, but I don’t find that her whining is bothering me anymore.

I’ve always loved the Harry Potter series, and I’m really, really glad I decided to listen to them on audio.

This review was done with books borrowed from the library.

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  • It was never Sirius’s death that made me cry, nor Harry’s reaction to Sirius’s death, but Lupin’s reaction. He’s one of my favorite characters, and he’s kind of an outsider anyways, and now his one friend left in the universe is gone too. Sad!

    Also, I think Jim Dale does start reading Hermione as less whiney, and also she’s written as less whiney as she grows up, so that’s two factors working in a good direction. The “Harrrr-eeeeee!!” did start getting old in the first books, didn’t it?
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  • Lupin’s reaction to Sirius’s death upset me the most too, the first few times around – rereading the fifth book now, after the whole series has come out, I cry for poor Harry too. 😛

    I like Jim Dale, but now how he does the girls – I discovered I love Stephen Fry’s reading of these books so much better! He has a lovely narrating voice.

  • I don’t listen to audio books, but I’m sure at some point I will. I’m still waiting for someone to give me an IPod. LOL The Harry Potter series is one I know I will want to listen to as I’ve heard such good things about Jim Dale’s reading. I always tend to cry when major characters die. I think the only time I didn’t in these books was in the final book. Everything happened so fast there was no time to grieve long. Although there were a couple of deaths that hit me hard, more than I expected.

  • The kids and I are SLOWLY making our way through The Order of the Pheonix audio. We simply love Dale, and even the girls voices don’t bother us. I absolutely love his voice for Trelawny and Umbridge…that “ahem” sound she makes, translated by his voice, cracks me up every time! We haven’t come to Sirius’ death yet…we’ll see how that goes!
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  • I don’t know if anything will ever compare to that first reaction after Sirius died. I literally threw my book across the room. It was then that I knew no one was safe! But I still don’t think I’m brave enough to listen to someone reading his death out loud. Nope, not me.
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  • Carl and love Harry Potter and really need to try these on audio.

  • I have heard the audios are fantastic – I must get my hands on these!