Game On!

Today I’m starting a game with a bunch of other book bloggers.  It isn’t just any game, but a game to get healthy.

Really, the Game On! Diet is misnamed.  It is less about ‘dieting’ than it is about building up healthy habits.  Now, most people find most healthy habits to be a little, shall we say, boring.  Do you think you’d find them less boring if you were COMPETING over them?  Earning points and trying to beat your friends or family?  Yah, I would too, and that’s the whole purpose of this game, and this book.

Contestants earn their points by living healthy habits every day such as eating 5 small, balanced meals, drinking 3 liters of water, getting 20 minutes of exercise and 7 hours of sleep.  This game actually wants to make you all around more healthy, so you also get points for communicating with team members and opponents, and for starting one healthy habit and stopping one unhealthy habit.  The book, by the way, is endlessly entertaining, especially for a diet book!

All of our teams have snack cake-based names.  The winning team, the one I happen to be on, is the Ho Hos.  The Twinkies and Ding Dongs will do great, I’m sure, but will sadly fall short of Ho Ho perfection.

Game On!

To follow progress on the other teams use the #gameondiet hash tag on twitter or visit the blogs teams:

Ding Dongs

Ho Ho’s aka the champions


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