Dream Girl and Dream Life – Books Reviewed

Dream Girl and Dream Life by Lauren Mechling

Okay, so the main character in this book is sort of like Nancy Drew.  Except she’s a very modern girl who lives in New York City and goes to this brainiac school.  And wears the designer hand-me-downs she gets from her aging socialite grandmother who lives in the Waldorf.  Oh, and she’s clairvoyant.  And her name is Claire Voyante.

I know, I know, a psychic named Claire Voyante?  Ridiculous.  But, her parents are sort of ridiculous, Claire’s New York-born mom trying to almost out-French Claire’s French father.  Claire doesn’t actually know she has psychic powers until she turns 15 and her black and white dreams begin to help her protect those she cares about from trouble, in particular her new friend Becca.  Becca has a certain knack for attracting trouble, as a condiments heiress.

So I was totally hesitant when Lauren approached me to review her books.  On one hand, I knew I’d seen her name before, attached to some sort of positive sentiment (although I wasn’t sure where).  On the other hand, another reviewer mentioned “Gossip Girls” in a quote that is on her website and that’s not really my thing.  Last time I decided to branch out and try a book compared to “Gossip Girls” – The Luxe – it didn’t really work out for me, and I came away disappointed.  Lauren told me, though, that she promised not to be offended if I didn’t like them and I found the premise pretty interesting, so I decided to give them a go.

Reading the books was totally the right choice.  I found Claire completely charming and quirky.  Yes, there were socialites involved, but they were aging socialites, not catty, promiscuous teenagers.  Instead I found a smart, witty girl who was determined to do what she could to make sure her friends came to no harm.

P.S. Lauren will be back on Monday in a guest post, to tell you a little more about Claire!

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13 comments to Dream Girl and Dream Life – Books Reviewed

  • I’ll be interested to read Lauren’s post. I’m not sure these books are something I’d like, but maybe after reading more about them, I could change my mind. I absolutely love the covers.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Teaser Tuesday: East of Eden =-.

  • These sound fun! I loved the Lux and I loved Rumors, but I’ve started Envy three times, and I realize I’m done with that crowd. I missed the whole Gossip Girls thing (I guess I’m too old). But I might just give these a try.
    .-= Beth F´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday 62 =-.

  • I haven’t heard of these, but I did enjoy the Gossip Girl books (until the tv show started and I found myself more into the tv versions of the characters). Thanks for the recommendation!

  • The covers are quite lovely, and I like psychic stuff. I don’t know if I could get past the character’s name, though. And I see what you mean about a gossip girl feel to it. I’m glad my girls don’t read or watch that bunch. Mags tried the Clique, but hated it.

    I’ll be interested in reading what the author says, and trying to figure out what appealed so much to you.

  • I’m not normally one for YA fiction, but I definitely have a soft spot for psychic powers and things like that. It sounds interesting!

  • These sound very interesting! I loved the Luxe series so these might be right up my alley!

  • I love when books positively surprise you! That’s so lovely :-) Glad Claire Voyante (groan- really!) did it for you!

  • I am cracking up on Claire Voyante, I find that brilliant, lol

    I keep going back and fourth on reading the Luxe series i’m really not sure.

    I think I may try this one.

  • Something a highschool-aged girl would enjoy? It sounds like something my daughter would enjoy but she likes to keep things pretty light and short.

  • I read this with my teen reading pal Lily. She loved it and I liked it!

  • It’s nice to see these books exceeded your expectations! I have to admit I was skeptical when I was reading the synopsis.

  • This “niche” is completely out of my element. I do trust your opinion, but I guess I need to hear a little more. Can’t wait for the interview!

  • The book sounds interesting. I’d like to read them as well. The covers are beautiful. I love, love book covers! Looking forward to your interview.