Bloggiesta Wrap Up

So I sort of failed Bloggiesta.  Again.

I probably worked for about 6-8 hours total over the three days.  Between my little baby and stuff for the Game On! Diet, I just didn’t have much time Saturday or Sunday.  Daniel is not really into the whole ‘playing by himself’ thing right now, because he keep trying to crawl, and when he can’t go forward he gets mad, even though he goes every other directly.

I got a few reviews written, and did what I wanted with my challenges page.  Sadly, I did not get to my tags and categories.

Mini-Challenges Completed:

Broken Link Hunt from Karin of Karin’s Book Nook – This one is easy for me to do, because I have a broken link checker plug-in.  Pathetically, I hadn’t used it to check for broken links in MONTHS.  This was a good reminder, probably took about half and hour.

I guess I sort of also did the Footers challenge from Pam of Bookalicious.  She talked a lot about copyright in her challenge. I  already had a footer on my blog that included a copyright, but it wasn’t included on every post.  I found a WordPress plug-in that not only asserts copyright, but also creates a digital signature and verifies that you created that post at such and such a time.  It is not only included on my posts, but also has a copy emailed to me for my records.  The company keeps a copy of the verification as well, so I’m pleased with that.

Here’s to a better Bloggiesta next time, I hope you all got more accomplished than I did!

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