Ask Claire Voyante – Guest Post from Lauren Mechling

Lauren Mechling is the author of “Dream Girl” and “Dream Life” which I recently reviewed.

Greetings and salutations, book lovers! I’m Claire Voyante, the main character of Dream Life, Lauren Mechling’s rip-roaring detective novel (and no, it is not immodest to say that about a book you didn’t write but in which you star—I checked in one of my grandmother Kiki’s etiquette books).
Dream Life is all about what happened after I found out my best friend Becca had just joined a super-exclusive, centuries-old secret society called the Blue Moons. I figured out how to wiggle my way into the club, and, of course, much drama ensued. I warmly invite you to check Dream Life out—it’s available at a bookstore or Internet site near you.
When Dream Girl, the first book in the series, came out, my creator Lauren  fielded questions from bloggers and journalists. Lauren is currently underground working on a secret project so I offered to step in and relief pitch. I’m taking a page from Ann Landers’s book and writing an advice column. The questions came from fans of the series.  The answers came from the heart.
(Warning: I don’t have a degree in psychotherapy–use at your own risk!)
Dear Claire,

I’m having body issues. And no, I’m not one of those girls who thinks she’s fat. It’s that my arms are so long. I swear to God, sometimes I look in the mirror and I see a girl who might as well be a spider monkey. I’ve tried everything—stretching and swimming and wearing a shrug with too-long sleeves, which I like to think gives the illusion of normal-length arms. But none of it seems to work. Any tips?

The Girl Who Reminds Herself Of A Spider Monkey, Medford, Mass.
I’m going to overlook that you’ve come to me (a shorty to the millionth degree) for advice on dealing with being funny-shaped. I think I can be of some help.
First of all, you have a problem that you don’t even know about: the shrug. Shrugs are my least favorite piece of apparel. What is the point of two sleeves connected by a band that you wear around our upper back? I promise you: there is not a shrug on earth that will do you any favors. Off with it.
Now that you’ve tossed your shrug out, what to do? Nothing. Long arms are like long legs, only easier for other people to admire. You, my dear, are a fetching, long-limbed supermodel-in-the-making. Work it.
L’amour toujours!

Dream Life by Lauren Mechling — Trailer from Richie Williams on Vimeo.

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