TSS: Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Today was a really big day for our church.  Ever since it was planted 15 years ago we have been without a building.  We bought a building about a year ago, but it wasn’t previously a church, so there was a lot of work to be done to get the building ready for worship, including getting occupancy permits.  Today we were able to worship in our new building for the  very first time, which was really cool.  Hooray for being out of the local high school’s auditorium and in our own lovely building!  Daniel was the inaugural baby in the nursery, so a bunch of pictures were taken of him.

Not only was Daniel the inaugural baby in the nursery, he will also be the first baby baptized or dedicated in the new building in a couple of weeks.  He was also the star of the last service in our old building (a local high school).  Last week was our Christmas pageant and we were asked to play the Holy Family, with Daniel as Baby Jesus.


That was during the dress rehearsal last Sunday, when he was sleeping, he looks like a doll baby.  He was a little angel during the pageant, awake and quietly looking around the whole time.

Today we’re going to be (hopefully) putting up a Christmas tree and doing some decorating, probably while watching the Charlie Brown Christmas.

How are your holiday preparations coming?

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