The Little Giant of Aberdeen County – Book Review

little giantThe Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

Oh, Truly, you’ve had such a difficult life, but you’re so interesting!

“The Little Giant of Aberdeen County” is the story of Truly who was born in a small town in upstate New York in the 1950s.  She was never like other children, she was always big, big, big.  Even so, she never realized just how other people viewed her until going to school with her dismissive teacher who called her ‘giant.’

Truly’s sister, Serena Jane was the exact opposite; small, delicate, and feminine where Truly was bulky and dressed in boys clothes (the only thing that would fit), Serena Jane was the most beautiful girl in town.  Despite her big dreams of getting out of town, however, Serena Jane becomes involved with ‘Bob Bob’ Morgan, son of the doctor Robert Morgan.  Eventually Serena Jane’s involvement causes Truly to become enmeshed with the unpleasant man as well.

I loved the way Truly grew during this novel.

Wait, that sounds like a really bad joke.

I didn’t mean it that way.

I loved the way Truly developed her character over the course of this novel.  Really she grew in a variety of ways.  One was the obvious physical growth; she had a form of  giganticism that kept her growing nonstop her entire life.  “Little Giant of Aberdeen County” also follows Truly from birth through adulthood.  What was really interesting, though, and what i’m really talking about when I say her ‘growth’ is how Truly learned to feel comfortable with who she was and take control of her life within the strictures of her environment.

The language of the book was simply lovely, I adored Baker’s writing style and the story she was telling.  I listened to an audio version of this book and really, the narrator was just the icing on this already delicious cake of a book.

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