The Last Challenges I’m Signing Up For Right Now, I Swear!

So I’m already doing far too many challenges, but there are three more that I simply cannot resist joining, so I’m going to do it!

Flashback Challenge

The thing that frustrates me most about book blogging is that I never feel like I have a chance to re-read old favorites.  Mostly that’s the pressure I’m putting on myself, and partly is because I have far more unread books than I ever had before between blogging and BookMooch.  Before those two things and before I used the library I probably only got 25 or so new books per year, so I did a lot of re-reading, and I loved it!  Now it has been almost 3 years since I’ve read East of Eden!

In an attempt to remedy this, I’m joining the Flashback Challenge being hosted by Aarti.  I’m going to join at the Bookworm level (3 books), although I’m hoping I can get to the Scholar level (4-6 books).  I do know that my first book for this challenge is going to be East of Eden, which I reading for the Classic Reads Book Club discussion (which I’m in charge of!  check it out!).

Buy One Book and Read It

Hosted by My Friend Amy, the hard part of this challenge isn’t to buy books, nor is it to read books, but it is to actually read THIS YEAR the books I buy THIS YEAR.  That hasn’t happened much recently, so this could be much harder than it sounds. I’ll be participating at level 2: buy 6 books and read them by December 31, 2010.

Beth Kephart Challenge

This is another challenge hosted by My Friend Amy who, coincidentally, I have to thank for introducing me to Beth Kephart in the first place. I love, love, love Kephart’s work that I’ve read so far, so I’m excited to participate in this challenge!  I’m attempting the “Mix and Match” level, which is basically any four of Kephart’s books.

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