The 2010 Debs – Spotlight on Deb Alicia

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Our spotlight today is Deb Alicia!

Who is she?

Alicia has not only a debut book, but also two cds of piano solos.  Isn’t she talented?  I couldn’t do either of those things.  She and her husband took the drastic step of quitting their jobs, selling their house, and moving in with her parents in 2004 in order to pursue writing as a full-time job.  It must have worked, since they are now both published novelists.

What did she write?

“Simply from Scratch” is coming from Dutton Books in August of 2010.  The idea for this book came to Alicia as she watched people from her hometown travel down to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to help those devastated by the storm and Alicia wondered what would happen if one of them didn’t return.

Her best blog post so far…(in my opinion)

Thank You, Mr. Moran – about the teacher who helped inspire Alicia to write, way back in elementary school.

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