Thank You, Secret Santa!

Okay, so my Secret Santa, Christina from Babbling Book Reviews, is awesome.  Also, I owe her an apology, because it has taken me A WEEK AND A HALF to post about what she sent me.  She was probably wondering if her package got lost in the mail, because I suck.

Another reason Christina is awesome?  She sent three things for me, AND something for Daniel

Here’s what she got for me:


That’s Dooms Day Book by Connie Willis and Hugh and Bess by Susan Higginbotham, both books I’ve heard great things about, neither of which I’ve read, and a really pretty book cover.  By the way, Daniel seemed to think that the book cover was his gift.  He really liked the pattern of it and actually took it off of Hugh and Bess where Christina had put it – surprisingly without ripping the book – in order to chew on it a bit.

But no, she had something different for Daniel:


It is this cool thing called something like a ‘spill and fill aquarium.’  Daniel hasn’t really figured out the take toys out and put them back in part of it yet, but he looooooooooooves the toy, but the aquarium part and the little sea creature toys.

To prove it:

Thank you Christina!

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