First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria – Book Review

first-comes-loveFirst Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria by Eve Waite-Brown

Eve always told people that she planned to join the Peace Corps one day, but she never really thought about what it would mean to actually DO it.  Eventually, after college, she realized that it was basically a now or never situation, and Eve wasn’t the sort of girl who liked to fail in what she said she would do.  As she walked into her meeting with her Peace Corps recruiter, fully expecting to ‘wow’ him with her awesomeness, she never expected that she would fall in love with him and it would change her life forever.  Okay, the last half of that sentence makes this book sound like it is going to be totally cheesy and mushy – some sort of real life romance novel.  BLEGH.  Luckily, “First Comes Love, The Comes Malaria” is not like that at ALL.

After meeting John, her recruiter, Eve embarks on a journey that leads her from New York to Ecuador to Uganda.  She is both gung-ho and hesitant about each step, thinking about what she might be leaving behind by leaving the comfort of the United States for a poor town in Ecuador or a part of Uganda that US officials are not even allowed to enter because of the danger.  Clearly, there is a lot of exciting stuff (well, exciting from the safe vantage point of a reader) going on in this book.

Lest you think this is only an adventure book, let me just tell you that Eve is awesome.  She is smart and sassy and I felt like I was sitting with one of my girlfriends, listening to her tell her story – complete with hand gestures and sarcasm.  I really loved her wit and style, and I think we should be best friends.  If you read a lot of book blogs, you might be able to think of this book as “Monique and the Mango Rains,” as experienced and told by Trish from Hey, Lady, Whatcha’ Readin’?

I seriously very highly recommend this book, whether you’re an idealist who wants to go out and make the world better, someone who wishes they had the cajones to follow love and their ideals to third world countries, or someone who likes an entertaining story; in other words, basically everyone!

For those of you who have or will read “First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria,” and just can’t get enough of Eve, I would like to let you know that she’ll be HERE on Devourer of Books this June with a guest post while I’m off attending to my new baby boy.

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