Am I A Grinch?

grinchThis time of year fills my Google Reader with posts about holiday-themed books.  Now I love Christmas, Christmas music (after Thanksgiving only!), Christmas movies, Christmas decorations, and Christmas cookies(!).  I am simply not, however, at all interested in Christmas/holiday lit.  I’ve been seeing lots of reviews from reviewers whose opinions I trust like Swapna, Kathy, Julie, and Amy, but I just can’t get excited about them at all.  It seems odd, because I did enjoy reading spooky books and gothic novels around Halloween.  Do these Christmas books tend to be in genres I don’t read as often (cozy mysteries, chick lit, and Christian fiction)?  Am I just a Grinch?

How do you feel about holiday-related books?  Do you love them?  Hate them?  Read them for some holidays and not for others?  I want to know!

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  • well I love them! :) And they are in all genres and not all are sappy, though some certainly are. :)

  • I usually only read one Christmas themed book a year and then I’m done. The past couple of years it’s been the Christmas themed installment of series I was already reading anyway.
    .-= SuziQoregon´s last blog ..Aunt Dimity’s Christmas by Nancy Atherton =-.

  • Pam

    I do not read holiday books either, for any holiday not just Christmas. However I do want to read Wolfesbane and Mistletoe from Charlaine Harris.

  • Well, this year I participated in the 2009 Holiday Books Challenge and it was my first year reading adult books with a Christmas theme (just posted a review today). I must say I have enjoyed it, and have quite a few on my TBR list for next year. However, for the challenge I read 5 books and that’s all I plan to read. A few is okay, but I have tons of other books to get to!
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  • I am also not a fan of Christmas lit so if you are a grinch, so am I. I think I’ve only read one or two Christmas books in my life. I’d much prefer to watch a holiday movie instead and continue reading my normal books.

  • I generally don’t read them – I’m afraid they’ll be too sappy and sweet. I am listening to David Sedaris’s Holidays On Ice – that’s more my taste for holiday stuff – cynical and sarcastic. LOL

  • You know I love them, but I can see why some people might not. Some holiday books are predictable and super sweet. You’re definitely not a Grinch!

  • If you’ve stopped at my blog in December you know I’m a fan of books with a Christmas theme. I love ’em. But, to each her/his own, you know? NO, you’re not a Grinch. I also like Women’s Fiction, romance, and historical fiction. I rarely read fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, mysteries, etc. Different genres for different readers. All that said, I’ve about reached my limit and it’s only the middle of the month. So back to review books unless something Christmasy seems too good to pass up 😀

    • I think ‘reaching my limit’ might be part of what I’m worried about. With all I read I don’t want to ‘over-Christmas’ with the books and then not be in a festive spirit.

  • You are hilarious!! I don’t think you are a Grinch (well maybe just a little one.) It’s true that many of the books I’m reading are sappy, but I need books that don’t require a ton of thought and aren’t intense during this time of year.

  • If you’re a Grinch, then so am I :)

    I actually feel indifferent to them – I don’t seek them out, but I don’t necessarily avoid them. I just would prefer to read other stuff for the most part.

  • I have to admit – I’ve never read one! Does that make me a grinch? I’m planning to read one next week, so I’ll be able to let you know then, but until now they have never grabbed my attention. (or perhaps I’m just too disorganised to get the right book in the right season!)

    • That’s probably part of my problem too, like I was saying to Jenn, Christmas books are so much more specific than Halloween books (just grab a mystery, or something gothic or spooky for Halloween and you’re good), so that I don’t even think about them until a week and 1/2 before Christmas when people’s reviews are going up. I don’t have my house decorated yet either. *sigh*

  • Ditto on what Wendy said…if you are a Grinch, then I am too. I guess I don’t dislike these books. They all seem to have great messages, albeit a little predictable and slightly sappy. This particular year, I’m just not in the mood. I am overwhelmed, and tired, and ready to go to my mom’s house in Indiana and do NOTHING. On another year, it might be a different case! (BTW, I totally dug the RIP reading too.)

  • The only Christmas book I want to read, but have not managed to read is A Christmas Carol. I feel the same way that you do about Christmas books. Too often they are in genres I don’t read.
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..In A Perfect World, by Laura Kasischke =-.

  • Oh, me too, me too! I’ve honestly been marking as read any and all Christmas lit posts that come up in my Google Reader … with the exception of Dicken’s Christmas Carol, and only b/c I love Dickens AND I’m reading it to Kiddo right now. So you are definitely not alone!
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  • Not a fan of the holiday themed literature either. While I LOVE Christmas, am a huge fan of Christmas music, a fan of Christmas movies (at least the classics, including the best of all time, A Christmas Story) ..for some reason I have no interest in Christmas books. At all.
    With an exception for A Christmas carol, which I consider in a whole other category.

  • I LOVE holiday books, but basically just for Christmas and Halloween…LOL (and I am a bah hum bug gal, so I need the Christmas books to give me a dash of holiday spirit)

  • Oh, I am so right there with you, Jen. I love most everything about Christmas, and I love the cheesy, mushy, sentimentality of it all….but Christmas lit just seems to take it one step too far for me. The only holiday lit I dig is a yearly re-read (usually on Christmas Eve, if I can swing it) of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

  • Jenn, you and I are on the same wave length here. I don’t really have any interest in reading something Christmas-y at Christmas. I love everything else – and all after Thanksgiving day. I am reading A Christmas Carol this year. I’ve never read it before. I am enjoying it – but I would equate reading that with reading The Night Before Christmas – a classic. I am happy for those who do like reading about Christmas. As for me, I’ll stick with other things. I don’t know why.

  • I came back to say that a lot of CHristmas books are stories that just happen to take place at Christmas time. And they really do exist in every genre.

  • Christmas lit isn’t something I seek out but it’s not something I dislike. I think it’s like any genre you either enjoy it or you don’t. Know, I do think that most Christmas lit (with notable exceptions) is as Amy says a larger story that happens to be set at Christmas time. I’m sure if something drew me in I would read it regardless of what (or if) holiday was involved. But like I said, I don’t seek Christmas lit out at holiday time so I might be turning green 😉

  • I don’t think I’ve ever specifically sought out Christmas books. I like to watch Christmas movies and stuff, but holiday books never aren’t usually on my radar. I guess I never really thought about it as being Grinch-y or not before though :)

  • I think a little goes a long way. I do like some – I got almost weepy the other night watching The Polar Express with my husband and kids – but I can’t do it nonstop for the month of December. Maybe a book or two, but that’s probably my limit!

  • I’m grinchlike too as I steer clear of Christmas books. There’s just no comparison to Halloweenish books which are spooky, creepy, and otherwise entertaining in a way holiday-family-happy type books are not (at least to me).
    .-= Trisha´s last blog ..Movie Review: Fired Up =-.

  • I’m with you. Actually, I’ll take it one step further and say that by the time Christmas rolls around, I am so fed up with the carols and the decorations and everything that I am more than ready to take everything down! However, I have never gotten into holiday literature, other than A Christmas Carol (and that’s more because of my love affair with Dickens than anything else). It is just too sickeningly sweet for my tastes.

  • I am an off and on holiday book reader. I don’t read them every year, but occasionally I get bit by the holiday bug and will want to read one or two. I am hoping to read A Christmas Carol this year, if I can fit in in. I admit that many of the holiday books out there just don’t appeal to me.

  • I’m with you–I think that Christmas-themed books are just cranked out to make a buck around this time of year and I just can’t get interested no matter how many reviews I read that say positive things.

  • No, my dear, you are NOT a grinch. You just aren’t interested in overly emotional drivel in your literature. Seriously, a good bit of Christmas-lit is so hokey! If I read anything Christmas related, it either has to be a children’s book that I loved growing up or a Christmas-themed book written from a fellow grinchy standpoint, like Sedaris’ Holidays on Ice.
    .-= A Bookshelf Monstrosity´s last blog ..Books By Theme: Travel the World from your couch =-.

  • I completely get where you’re coming from. I love the holidays, but I don’t have any Christmas reading traditions. And yet, I’ve been trying to read and review at least one Christmas themed book a week, because I’ve collected a few of them, and I know if I don’t read them at this time of year, I’m never going to pick them up. That being said, right now that little goal is feeling a bit too much like homework, so maybe I just need better books?

    Oh, and I do read Holidays on Ice every year at this time of year. Which says something about me, but I can’t quite tell whether it’s a good or bad something.

  • I don’t read them either and don’t go looking for them. I guess that might make me a bit of a Grinch but it’s just not a genre I like. I have a co-worker who reads from November on and I’ve looked at a few but they don’t interest me. Too syrupy.

  • I don’t think you’re a grinch at all! For whatever reason, I am not interested in Christmas lit at all either. This year I did read one Christmas book, but only because it was by Augusten Burroughs and I love him! Other than that, not much could induce me to pick up a holiday themed book.

  • I don’t read a whole lot of Christmas Holiday books either. I must be a Grinch too!

  • I feel more Scroog-y than Grinch-y. I had to do a presentation for a local book club on the newest holiday books. So I read a variety. And they just aren’t good. I read holiday books by authors I normally enjoy and still didn’t like them. It’s like the authors are trying to force a theme and cash in on the trend. But that’s just my opinion Scrooge that I am.

  • I think they tend to be sappy and awful but because I am a contradiction, I do read a few every year anyway. I always hold out hope that there will be one that doesn’t want to make me graon. 😉

  • Bleh, I’m with you. I’m sure some are great, but they all seem kitschy to me. It’s like taking advantage of something that people already like. Would the plot of It’s a Wonderful Life be as appealing and popular if it wasn’t centered around the holiday season? I think not.

  • I just read a Christmas book and it was really cheesy. But, I also felt inspired by it. Maybe that is the real purpose of Christmas books :)

  • Hey, the Grinch is the star of one of my favorite Christmas books! And you can combine Halloween and Christmas with The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore – it has zombies! (But don’t most books lately have zombies?)

    Evidently, my taste in Christmas lit leans toward the comical and/or absurd. I won’t shy away from a novel that has a Christmas setting, but I don’t exactly seek them out, either.
    .-= Florinda´s last blog ..Tuesday Tangents: 10 Items or Less =-.

  • I’d have to agree with you. I rarely read a holiday themed novel!
    .-= Amused´s last blog ..I Can’t Stop Myself =-.

  • This year I read A Chistmas Carol, but more because it was a classic than a holiday book. That’s the first holiday book I’ve read in years. I just don’t get into them.
    .-= Melissa – Shhh I’m Reading´s last blog ..Review: The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart =-.

  • The thing about scary books is that you can really read them all year round, but Christmas books are specific to, well, Christmas in a way that scary books are necessarily tied to halloween.

  • I don’t think you’re a grinch, but that may be because I feel the same way. When I come across posts of Christmas books, I tend to skim over them. I’m sure this is a disservice to those books. I’m judging them based on no information other than the word Christmas and just assuming they’re going to be sappy or overly sentimentalized. And maybe like you said so many Christmas books tend to be from genre’s I don’t tend to read so often which would be another reason I keep away. So…long story short, you’re not a grinch! :)

  • weeeeel, as someone who hosted a “Christmas in July” challenge this year…..

    I did love your post and all the comments. Christmas books aren’t for everyone, even if you love Christmas. Just as some people don’t read anything scary, romantic, paranormal or murderous.

    I do understand where you’re coming from about the overload. I too, skip Christmas reviews. {shrug]

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